A Simple Touch

I ran across this image in the internet, and, I must say, this is a great example of elegant minimalism. Among bath shower screen doors, this one stands out while doing so little. Yes, the tempered glass, safety corner and polished edges are nice, but I’m focusing more on the aesthetics here. Allow me to elaborate.

The bath shower screen, instead of the standard, rectangular piece of glass, has a single curved edge on the upper right-hand side of the screen. The curvature is soft, gentle, and free-flowing in its appearance, which meshes really well with the aesthetic the image is clearly trying to convey; free-flowing, soft calm.  Everything about this image is designed to give you that special feel, despite being simply a bath shower screen in a regular looking bathroom. The little touches, the simple details to the image are quite well-done.

The lamination on the glass, with its spirals and curves, which only cover a portion of the screen, give that soft air, and that calming presence. It helps that it somewhat resembles embroidery on those finer pillows and curtains you can get for your house, which are designed to infuse a sense of calmness to the environment of the house they’re in.

The tiles on the bathroom fit the aesthetic, a deep, cobalt blue. Had it been too dark a shade, it would’ve come across as being blue, (as in sad, get it?), instead of calm, too bright a shade, and it would’ve come across as energetic, which, while nice, wouldn’t fit the calming feel of the bath.

Everything in this image is done with such attention to detail, and yet, visually, there’s not a lot to absorb. It’s a simple bath shower screen with tempered glass and some lamination on the surface. Some bath shower screens try to add a lot of flair to them, but this instance does little but achieves a lot. This is an excellent show of minimalism. It demonstrates what can be achieved with the simplest of alterations, with the littlest tweak to minutiae. It shows that sometimes, keeping it simple really is the way to go, and I think that’s what makes it worth sharing. I personally enjoyed looking at this image, I hope you enjoyed reading about it too.