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Why Consumers Prefer Online Reviews To Advertisements

Online marketing reviews posted on popular review sites are dominating search engine results. This phenomenon makes businesses wonder whether online reviews are a better solution to attract customers instead of advertising campaigns. Honest and credible online reviews are similar to personal recommendations from family and friends that consumers listen to.

Before a business focuses on reviews, it is important to build a good online reputation first. The better the reputation the more conviction the business will have when it opts to advertise. Reviews from customers are free and by building the reputation, a business benefits from the opinions of customers.

Most people trust reviews more than advertising. Each review that a business receives encourages consumers to experience the amazing product or service offered. Reviews are like the recommendations made by the trusted next-door neighbour.

Results of local search engines affect the number of reviews that a business receives. Once Google sees the activity on the web pages, it will rank the business higher in search results. In order for Google to recognize that there is online activity, businesses must make an effort to respond to reviews. Customers engage with the business through their feedback and they will appreciate the business more when they receive a response. Ads cannot generate the same benefits as customer reviews.

Based on studies, 82% of American adults read online customer reviews and ratings before they make a purchasing decision. Reviews provide information to consumers on the quality, customer service and prices of products and services. Customers already know what to expect even before they access the business.

It makes sense for a business to strive for positive customer feedback; however, negative reviews provide the business with an opportunity to improve. By responding to negative reviews, it means that the business is striving to deliver the best solutions to offer consumers with a satisfactory experience.

Nowadays, people tend to ignore advertisements because they prefer to read reviews that are honest and truthful. If you will read review you will notice that the digital agency has forged a deeper relationship with its employees. By responding to both positive and negative reviews, the digital agency builds loyalty and trust.