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What Victims Of Crime Should Do Afterwards

There is no telling who can be a victim of a crime. Regardless of whom you are or anywhere you are in the world, you can be a victim of a crime. If you happen to know victims of crime in Melbourne, do you know what to advice them to do? It might be hard if you are the victim or if you are close to the victim but it is important to maintain the right frame of mind in order to determine what to do next.

According to authorities, the first thing that victims of violent crime should do is to seek medical attention. Aside from letting the authorities know about what happened, it is recommended to have appropriate medical checkup from a qualified personnel. This is regardless if you think you are physically fine or not. A trained professional will know what to do or what to look for in order to determine that the victim is totally fine. Aside from physical checkup, victims of violent crimes are advised to seek therapy or to get counseling. If there are no physical wounds it does not mean that the emotional or mental state is alright as well.

For victims of crime in Australia, it is important to remember the primary emergency number which is 000. Call this if you want to report a crime such as robbery, or assault or if there are any accidents wherein the person responsible ran away. It is important to be as calm as possible when talking to the emergency operator in order for them to get all the important details. They will dispatch the proper authority to the scene depending on what the situation calls for.

Report the crime as soon as it happens in order to alert the law enforcement. Give all the details needed by the police officers in order for them to catch the suspect. The crime will be solved faster if there are more details. If you are not sure what to do, you can also contact a legal counsel that is an expert in handling victims of crime in Melbourne because they will know what to do.