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Useful Tips When Buying New Car Tires

It is easy to buy tires for your car but finding the right ones can be difficult. If you buy the wrong tire, it can affect the car’s performance and its ability to tackle different weather conditions. There are all-season tires that can deliver good performance but they cannot be described as impressive.

There are tires for all seasons which are cheaper than buying a set for winter and another for summer. Summer tires can handle dry and wet braking but they are rather poor when it comes to snow traction. Winter tires have outstanding snow traction but their braking ability is only fair when it comes to cleared roads. In simple words, no single tire type can be considered outstanding for all weather conditions.

Retailers of tires have websites where you can find a list of tires available for your needs. All-season tires come with S and T speed ratings. Performance all-season tires come in H and V speed ratings. It is common to find performance all-season tires on new vehicles with upgraded wheels. They have better cornering grip than the S and T speed rated all-season tires. Ultra high performance all season and summer tires come in ZR, W and Y speed ratings. These tires are usually found on sports cars and performance sedans.

When buying a tire it is important to check the owner’s manual or the placard located on the driver’s side door jamb for the recommended tire measurements. The label usually looks like this: P215/60R16 94T. The first part P215/60R16 means the tire’s various measurements in width and diameter. 94 means the load index or how much weight each tire can support. T means the speed rating or the tire’s maximum speed in relation to load index. You can choose a tire based on the recommended measurements but you also have the flexibility to go higher with speed rating and load index.

It is common for car owners to opt to for direct replacement tires when the car is relatively new. After a few years, they are more inclined to switch to other brands with better performance and price. Once you have made a choice, look around for better deals.