Useful Tips For The First Time Traveller To Vietnam
PhuTho is the western gateway of Hanoi that was established...

PhuTho is the western gateway of Hanoi that was established by the Hung Kings as the first country in Vietnam’s history. Viet Tri which is the capital of the province of PhuTho is the centre of administration, economy, culture, politics and education. Because Viet Tri is an industrial city, it is not surprising to find a hotel in Viet Tri with innovative design and stylish comfort.

If you are travelling to Vietnam or any other country in the world that requires a visa, make sure to double check and triple check all your information. Many travellers have been denied entry at airports because of visa misinformation. Make sure that you have the address of the hotel where you will go to upon your arrival so that your passport gets stamped by the immigration officer.

From the hotel room, it is very likely that you are planning to go somewhere. Simply go to Vietnam Railways booking site so that you can buy your tickets in advance. Do not just go to the train station expecting that you can get a ticket right away. Tickets tend to be booked in advance and without the e-ticket you might have to wait for the next train.

Not all travellers have had good experiences with the tourist industry; however, the Vietnamese are typically kind and hospitable people. Do not allow scammers to change your opinion of Vietnam. Sometimes, tourists find it difficult to understand why prices are usually overcharged by local vendors. There is no such thing as fixed price because vendors expect you to haggle. Always stick to the price you want and the vendor will run after you if the offer is a fair deal.

In Vietnam, you will meet many stylish people but be moderate with your choice of clothes. If you will notice, people do not wear bikinis on the streets or flaunt their abs or tattoos.

If you are going to book for accommodations, do it directly through the website of hotel in Viet Tri to enjoy the best rates including discounts. You may likely be offered special privileges like early check-in or late check-out or 20% off on your next stay.

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