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Unusual Bangkok Golf Course And Golf Tours Destination – The Golf Capital In Asia

Thailand, the Golf Capital of Asia, is truly a city worthy to be experienced by golfers around the world. From luxurious hotels, splendid temples, dazzling palaces, stunning shopping malls, and legendary nightlife, comes over two hundred and fifty golf courses spread across every region all over the country. Bangkok itself, the capital, have world-class championship worthy courses, so business travellers need not go far to play a decent game of golf. Any given Bangkok golf course offers a unique experience any golfer will surely look forward to repeat.

Bangkok has many faces, architecturally designed to cater its many sides. The city was able to hold both rich architecture and sophisticated modern structures in one big metropolis setting. Add to that are several golf courses in between. It provides a fascinating insight of how amazing the Thai Nationals are in being capable of succeeding such a challenging architectural feat, making the city one of the most vibrant in Southeast Asia. But of course, the architecture takes only half of the credit. Bangkok also boasts of very hospitable people, thus it also gained the title “Land of Smiles”. Their legendary accommodation is unparalleled, very fitting for a tourist-based country. Most caddies, if not all, of any given Bangkok golf course, are women. They are not only knowledgeable in their profession, but also passionate in playing the sport as well.

What most golfers agree about the courses in Bangkok and in the entire Thailand as a whole a unique scenery while enjoying the game they love. Each of the hundreds of the courses in the country does not disappoint. They capitalized on the fact itself that the country itself is a haven of wonderful sceneries. There are golf courses overlooking beaches and ocean views in Phuket and Pattaya. There also golf courses in Ratchaburi with an awesome view of the Myanmar bordering mountains. There are stunning golf courses with panoramic temples views in Chiang Mai. Some golf courses are a bit playful, strategically situated in between runways so you see planes take off above you while you play. The climate in Thailand is also very profound, allowing any golfer to play all year round.