Tips In Planning A Wedding

There are a lot of things one should know when planning a wedding. Many bride and groom nowadays are choosing to hire a Sydney wedding planner to assist them in planning and to help them in things they are not aware of. Here are important tips to remember when planning your own wedding.

  • It is important to know the approximate number of guests that are coming to the wedding before deciding on the venue. It is easier to find a space when you know the number of people gathering. Each guest must have at least 25 to 30 square feet of space. This will allot ample space for the tables and other things to be setup inside the venue.
  • Make sure that your wedding date does not coincide with blackout dates of the venue. For instance, holding a wedding at the same time as a local event will be a disadvantage because of the traffic and hotels are most likely to be booked.
  • Do not forget about the weather and other situations that could affect the wedding. For summer weddings, it must be done in a cool venue to pacify the guests. For winter weddings, there must be appropriate heating to make sure everyone is warm.
  • Apply for a credit card before starting your wedding planning. You can earn points at the same time as you spend money. This is better than just spending without getting any rewards.
  • If your wedding budget is suffering, it is better to trim down the number of guests. This is because each person will only add up to the allotted budget.
  • Meal plans should be prepared beforehand. Which means you won’t have to prepare the same expensive meal for the staff working during your wedding day as the guests. This is often overlooked and adds to the growing expenses.
  • It is best to be organized when planning. If you do not have your own Sydney wedding planner, make sure that everything concerning the wedding is placed inside a folder or binder. Keep track of important emails and appointments through your phone.