Tips For E-Commerce Shipping And Postage

With the growing popularity of hiring a courier international in Australia online being noticed by companies everywhere, a lot are making moves in order to capitalize on it. Customers are relieved that their needs are being catered to by companies, but, of course, any company will take as many steps as possible to provide the best service for its customers. As such, here are some tips for handling online shipping and postage for your online store.

  • Show shipping costs up front.
    • Giving the option to let customers see the shipping costs for their delivery is all well and good, but locking it behind login and, possibly, signup requirements? Not as much. The best way for customers to get their shipping price, or anything for that matter, is to get it as conveniently as possible.
  • Link your shipping page from shopping cart
    • It goes without saying, or repeating, that giving the customer the most convenient experience possible is what you’re going for. To that end, have a link in the shopping cart, the page where customers choose shipping methods, connect to detailed information regarding each particular option, complete with estimated delivery times for each region/option. The more well informed a customer is, the better their decision making, and the less likely they are to complain about your service.
  • Provide a page dedicated to detailing international shipping info.
    • Australia is a 3 to 1 import country. It imports a lot. Needless to say, as a courier international in Australia, being able to competently handle international shipping is a big deal. As stated in the previous point, the more well-informed a customer, the better. Hence, why your online store should have an international shipping page, which details as much as it possibly can. Terms of sale, import restrictions, barrier control, that sort of thing. Alleviating your customers fears on international buying goes a long way for an online store.
  • Don’t use shipping costs as profit. Seriously, don’t.
    • Australian online customers are very picky about their shipping costs. Like anyone, they want it as cheap as possible, they just happen to be extra sensitive about it. As such, don’t expect much profit from shipping costs, and don’t design your profit margin around them. Don’t mark up shipping rates too much, you’ll end up earning less because you turned away your potential customers.