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Tips For Choosing Great Hair Extensions

Hair extensions may be the simplest ways to extend your hair length and volume easily. For first timers, picking the perfect hair extension can be very daunting. Here are some helpful tips to help you with your choice.

Human hair

When considering the best hair extensions, it is important to check if they are natural human hair or synthetic. Human hair is going to last longer, look natural and treated like one. It is not advisable to swim when you have synthetic hair extensions. Likewise, heat can’t be used too.



Remy hair extensions

Remy is the process of bundling hair in order to have the roots and ends in their proper direction. Hair extensions that are created from Remy are usually tangle free since the strands’ cuticles are not caught against one another. Remy hair is the healthiest hair, too.

Hair Colour Match

Not having the correct hair colour is a very common mistake for people getting extensions. The companies that do hair extensions have a wide array of different colours which makes it easier to get the correct shade. It also makes highlights and low-lights add tone and depth, without using additional treatments.



Hair extension care and maintenance

The highest quality of hair extensions don’t need too much extra care or maintenance in comparison to natural hair. In order to have a healthy hair, you should use top quality products, wear it up during night time and brush it frequently. You don’t need to change your usual hair care routine when you have hair extensions.



Safety of hair extensions

Your natural hair does not get damaged when you care and maintain it properly. When you remove your hair extensions, it usually takes 7 days for your natural hair density to be normal again.

I hope these tips help you with your hair extension choice. Finally, I suggest consulting a professional stylist for Hair Extensions in Bondi Junction. They should be able to provide consultation so you will know which methods are used. You can also discuss with them what you want to see as the final look, as well as get quotes.