Tipping Guide In Luxury Accommodations

If you are not a frequent traveler staying in luxury accommodations then you might not be aware of the tipping etiquette. This guide will help you determine whom to give tip to and how much is considered a decent amount.

If you are staying in an all-inclusive resort then there is a big chance that gratuities are already included in the amount you have paid. Before going on your vacation, make sure to check details regarding the gratuity policy of the resort. If the resort you are staying in indicated no tipping then follow the rules and make sure to not tip no matter how much you wanted some employee to feel good.

In the case of all-inclusive resorts that does not cover tips then make sure that you have enough cash to give to employees that are greatly depending on the tips they are getting. If you are going to another country make sure that you have your money exchanged for the local currency.

Here is the guide in tipping whom and how much:

– Waiters. Normal tipping rate is 15 to 20 per cent except if the bill already includes a service charge. You may add but make sure to double check if the service charge is included or not.

– Bartenders. If you are making conversation with the bartender along with your drinks, it is best to leave $10 as a tip. If you are silently having a moment to yourself then a dollar per drink should be enough unless you ordered for a complicated cocktail then it should be 20 per cent of the price of the cocktail. Again, check if the service charge is already added since some bartender will not tell you.

– Bellmen. Giving $5 is enough since they assisted with your luggage. If you have a lot of stuff then adding $1 per bag should be enough.

– Concierge. Standard request should come with 45 to $10 tip while special requests like getting a table at the last minute or despite booked tables then $20 should be enough. Other requests that are quite impossible should also demand a higher tip.

This tipping guide is only a basis to help you as you get on your vacation at a luxury resort in Hua Hin or wherever it is in the world.