Things To Consider When Booking A Hotel In Bangkok

Booking a hotel can be stressful, there’s no doubt about that. When you’re looking for a Sathorn Hotel, it might start out with excited anticipation, but you just might end up spending hours making a choice, and then end up doubting if you made the right choice.

Here’s a list of important points to consider when booking a hotel in Bangkok. Take note that this isn’t a definitive list and some of them can apply anywhere. Think of them as a starter guide.

Location, location, location

Like any good realtor will tell you, the best properties are all carefully located. It’s all about where they are, especially in a city as congested as Bangkok. For manoeuvring across the city, you’ll want a hotel as close to the main mode of transport; the BTS Skytrain, as that grants you access to many of the interesting places around the city. Take note of what’s in the immediate vicinity of the hotel too, things like convenience stores, cafes, and restaurants.

Do some homework with customer reviews

This should be a habit, a part of the hotel booking process no matter where you’re headed. When you’ve decided on an area, look up the hotels you’re interested, and look up genuine customer reviews in order to see what actual travellers think about each hotel, because photographs can be edited.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the hotel or the room you got. Ask things like ‘How big is the actual room I booked?’, ‘Are there travel adaptors in the room’, and other things. Even when booking via an online travel agent, comment fields are present on the booking page, which also allows you to cancel for free, should their responses not be to your liking.

What’s included?

It’s not just about the room, but what comes with it. Ask if the cost you paid for it covers additional amenities, like unlimited free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, airport pickup and the like. Make sure to carefully check what you get and what you don’t, as you may have to pay for that later, which might make that cheap Sathorn Hotel cost you more in the long run. Consider it.