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The Must-See Places In Pattaya

Pattaya in Thailand is an area that is host to different charming attractions. This includes ancient Thai traditions to those modern day adventures. In Pattaya, you can experience culture, art, science and nature in ways that are going to surprise you.

Here are the must-see places in Pattaya which should be included in your itinerary when visiting this area.

Walking Street in South Pattaya

In Walking Street, the sights and sounds are different from other places in Thailand. The other cities and towns have their versions, but nothing else matches the half kilometre of fun found by the end of the Beach Road. This is closed to traffic after 6pm, and almost all buildings in each side of the road is a restaurant, beer bar, go-go bar or night club. The road comes alive with thumping music, street performers, food vendors and party people from all over the world.

Sanctuary of Truth in Banglamung

This unique teak structure is an awe-inspiring sanctuary. The Sanctuary of Truth in Banglamung is a humbling example of human skill and endeavour especially that no part of the wood used was treated or even chemically protected.


Tiffany Cabaret Show

This is held at a grand theatre that, alongside its large faux-marble lobby, accomplishes to also be amazing like its extraordinary costumes. The performers wear long sweeping gowns, plumes of feathers, skimpy polka dot swimwear and elaborate headdresses. The scenes comprise of a Bollywood musical take on India’s Raj, a homage to the Imperial past and present of China, Korean fan dance, Broadway show tunes, and so much more.

Pattaya Floating Market in Jomtien

Known as “Four Regions Floating Market,” its sub-sections from this 100,000 square meter development symbolize the primary areas in Thailand –  north, south, central and north-east. The representation also has stalls and shops which sell food, fruits, souvenirs, handicrafts, art and clothing, as well as cultural demonstrations and shows.


Truly, Pattaya offers a unique experience to visitors. The area also offers various accommodation options. You can easily find a luxury villa, a 4-star resort in Pattaya or a mid-priced resort. So, this has everything for everyone exploring its local attractions.