The Common Types Of Office Furniture

Although there are many different types of office furniture, the most common types include executive furniture, desks, executive desks, tables and chairs. All of these serve its specific functions and provide a great looking office space.

Executive furniture

Every executive, who is responsible for policy and decision making, has different tastes when it comes to furniture. So, this means the executive furniture is bought according to an executive’s taste. This is primarily to impress visitors, while adding prestige to the person and the firm.



A desk is a workbench of every office worker. A lot of the office work is done on a desk, through it, over it and across it.

The main function of a desk is to give a suitable surface to write, check, sort, examine and confer. For these specific purposes, a table top works similarly as a desktop. Tables have other advantages too.

The desks should be multipurpose. There are various types depending on status and nature of work.


Executive desks

These are designed in order to suit a specific individual’s taste. Oftentimes, these are show pieces. They also impress the visitors with the persons making use of them. The executive desks are usually double pedestal. The table top is also covered with glass.



In many government offices, tables are used as clerical desks, and these can be fitted with drawers. Tables are commonly needed when sorting mail, housing files, holding meetings, and more. Most tables follow the traditional dimensions for sizes.



The chairs are probably the most important piece of furniture from a worker’s point of view, since he or she sits in chairs all day in the office. A comfortable chair not only minimizes fatigue, it also maintains an employee’s health.

The back of any chair should give support to a person’s back and provide enough relaxation. It is better when the back can be adjusted. The seat should also be sufficiently big, thinly padded and properly designed. A revolving chair is ideal, since it provides movement.


Aside from knowing which types are commonly needed, there are also factors to consider prior to buying new furniture for offices from a local furniture shop or through an Office Furniture Online Store. These factors include design, finish, weight, durability, comfort, space saving, fire saving and safety.