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Single Sports Betting Now Legal In Canada

There’s a new law for law firms like to study, as Federal Justice Minister David Lametti recently announced that the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act will take effect starting August 27, 2021.

This means that single sport and event betting is now legal in the country, and the sports betting market, estimated to be worth around CA$14bn annually, could provide much needed funding for the state.

Under the previous betting regime in Canada, Canadians could only bet on parlays, where bettors are required to correctly predict the results of at least 2 events. Single sport betting allows Canadians to bet on only one event.

While Federal Law has been amended to permit single sport betting, the provinces themselves bear responsibility for managing and regulating the lottery systems themselves. They must also decide whether or not they’ll legalize single sport and event betting in their jurisdiction, and, if so, how such activities will be handled.

The deadline for the submissions of proposals to the applicable betting standards in Ontario in August 18, 2021.

In Ontario, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is the agency in charge of the regulation of sports betting and gaming. Since 2021, their subsidiary, iGaming Ontario has been exploring the expansion to internet gaming. They’re a familiar name for law firms like, as they’re the fixture of gambling and gaming-related legislation.

Ontario law firms will also have to learn the handling of regulated iGaming in the province, as the ACGO’s Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming, published July 15, 2021, will come into effect by late 2021.  This is the set of standards that are to be upheld by iGaming Ontario, as well as any iGaming operators and gaming-related suppliers in the province.

Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming

Ontario’s Gaming Control Act, 1992 and Regulation 78/12 authorizes the Registrar of the ACGO to establish the standards that’ll be used to regulate the province’s gaming sector. iGaming Ontario, operators and gaming-related suppliers in the province are required, by law, to comply with the Ontario Act, any associated regulations, as well as any additional requirements set by the Registrar, like Registrar’s Standards.