Should You Tip When In Vietnam?

Travelers from Western countries are used to tipping wherever they go especially when receiving an excellent service. Tipping is not the same for every nation and for tourists staying at a hotel in Danang, they might be unsure whether to give a tip or not. Some are not sure about the appropriate amount they should give. This is why knowing about the proper tipping etiquette prior to visiting a foreign country such as Vietnam is important.

For people in Vietnam, they do not expect tips after rendering a service but when they do get some they surely appreciates the gesture. For locals, tipping is not very common but for patrons of high-end restaurants and spa clinics. For tourists, however, tipping is slowly turning into a familiar gesture. Below are recommendations of when and how much to tip while visiting Vietnam.

  • For tourists riding taxis, there is no need to leave a tip behind as it is not mandatory. The drivers will not hold it against the passenger if the payment is exactly the amount stated on the kilometre clock. If you think the service is good or the driver is kind, you can round off your fare so they can keep the chance.
  • Dining in high-end restaurants or coffee shops in Vietnam is quite different from eating in a sidewalk shop. For street food establishments, you can give 1 dollar tip to the servers but when it comes to upscale food establishments there is a required service charge of about 10 per cent. Make sure to give an extra tip to the waiter because the service charge might have to be divided by all employees and not just the person who waited on you.
  • It is a different story when it comes to tipping in bars in Vietnam. The staffs usually paid minimum wage and majority of them are able to bring home more money because of the tips they receive. Tipping at least VND 50,000 is already good enough and it might harbour you favor from the bartender such as being served an exclusive drink.
  • Tourists who are staying at a hotel in Danang do not give tips but the hotel staff would surely appreciate a tip of at least 1 or 2 dollars because it is already a big addition for their daily meals.