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Reasons Why You Should Travel To Tel Aviv

When people hear about Israel, the first thing they would probably think about is Jerusalem, or the overabundance of Jews. They would think about all the conflicting ideologies, the turmoil and the uproar that has been heavily featured in the media. But Israel a whole lot of things to offer. From the capital, it would only take about 45 minutes for you to arrive at Tel Aviv, a busy multi-cultural city located in the Mediterranean Coastline. Before, this young city was mostly known for its fine beaches but now it has also become a center of the arts, food, fashion and the nightlife.

Despite the country war with Palestine and some other neighboring country, Tel Aviv seems to be unfazed and the people there are living relatively normal and peaceful lives. So if ever you find yourself coming to Israel, look for Tel Aviv hotels and spend some time in the city.

Here are a few reasons why you should travel to Tel Aviv:

  1. Exciting Nightlife. The city of Tel Aviv has become known for its bustling nightlife and heavy party scene. Every night, you would find locals going into bars and clubs but there is a specific night wherein all of Tel Aviv’s museums, bars, clubs, restaurants and galleries open their doors 24 hours so that the party can pour into the streets.


  1. No Language Barrier. Since Tel Aviv is a multi-cultural city, you would find a lot of different people coming from all around the world. Living here is relatively much easier because there is no language barrier. Most Israelis who live here are fluent in English.
  2. LGBT– Tel Aviv has been voted as the #1 Most Popular City for gay travelers in a 2012 survey conducted by the American Airlines. This city is highly liberal and hosts a gay pride parade every summer.


  1. The Art Scene. You would be surprised at the rich art scene that the city boasts. Tel Aviv hosts the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Opera and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


  1. The Beach. Tel Aviv has often been compared to Miami but with better view. As a city located in the Mediterranean, it can be expected that Tel Aviv would also boast a spectacular beach line.