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Reasons for Shattering of Glass Doors and Steps to Prevent It

Using glass doors and partitions has become a rage in interior designing of homes and offices. Glass is used for variety of purposes from walls, doors, partitions, windows and shower doors. The obvious advantage of using glass in interiors is the aesthetic value it offers to the space. Glass also allows the light to pass through and makes the room appear bigger. With all these advantages there is one major disadvantage of using glass and it is the breakage of glass which leads to major accidents. Some of the major reasons of glass breakage are

  • The most important reason for breakage is damage caused to the glass around the edges of the door or partition. This damage gradually increases the gap in the glass and ultimately leads to its shattering.
  • The second reason is the imperfections caused during the manufacturing process. The minor imperfections create pressure layers internally and these layers finally cause the glass to shatter.
  • Sudden changes in heat and humidity also causes the glass to break. Most of the glass shattering incidents occur during the peak summer season. The sudden rise in temperature causes the glass to just shatter.
  • Another most frequent cause of glass shattering occurs because of the damage caused to the glass while transporting it and during installation. The glass, if not properly packaged during transportation from the supplier to the client, may get damaged which goes unnoticed. This small damage if not checked at the right time eventually will lead to shattering of the glass.

However, there are some precautions that can be taken to prevent the glass partitions and doors from shattering like

  • Buying the doors from well-known supplier, reputed for the quality of their products. These suppliers must also provide fast glass repairs service in the event of any damage to glass.
  • Applying a safety film to the door to prevent it from breaking
  • Getting the glass checked regularly to notice any damages and take steps to correct them.

Broken doors and partitions are not only an eye sore but are also dangerous to the occupants of the home or office. I suggest, contacting the supplier for fast glass repairs to prevent any major accidents due to glass shattering all of a sudden.