Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Jumping Castle In Melbourne

You should be smart in everything that you do. When being smart, it includes being able to ask the smartest questions possible especially if it involves the safety of your kids. Nowadays, you can see a bouncy castle in parties and kids’ events where kids are jumping up and down repeatedly inside. You see, it’s really fun jumping inside a jumping castle. Now, below are the questions you should ask before you hire a jumping castle in Melbourne:

  • How much are jumping castles? On a general perspective, hiring a jumping castle will cost you around 150 US$ to 200 US$. Some castle providers offer discounts for repeating clients. And by the way, most rates are for the whole day use so kids can enjoy it even before and after the party.
  • What happens on the day of the party? The one you hired will come over to your house or the venue of the party and they will be the one who will set-up the jumping castle. They will make sure that the castle is safe for use and they will guide if you need to operate the castle on your own. They will be there too to supervise the children while enjoying their product.
  • What happens if it rains on the day of the party? This is one concern you must address before you hire a jumping castle in Melbourne. You have the option to cancel the use of the castle if the weather prediction says that it will rain. Some for-hire companies offer refund of payments if notified beforehand. Although some jumping castles have roofs, why risk the possibility of your kids getting sick because of the rain?
  • How much space will a jumping castle need? It depends. Small-sized castles take up 4 meters by 4 meters in diameter while medium sized ones take up 5 meters by 5 meters
  • How long does it take to set-up the castle? Setting up the castle takes only 15 to 20 minutes while dismantling it takes 20 minutes.
  • Does someone need to supervise while you’re using the jumping castle? It’s recommended for your safety and the safety of your kids that when you hire a jumping castle in Melbourne, you will have someone to look over the kids and supervise them.