Pros And Cons Of Limestone Floor Tiles For Homes

Future homeowners often look for many different options for the flooring of their future homes. There are many natural stones like travertine, marble, and granite that are often used in creating high-quality tiles, but one popular choice are limestone floor tiles for many reasons. Before making the final decision, here are some of the pros and cons:


Pro: Affordable installation

Compared to granite and marble, installing limestone floor tiles is a lot cheaper. This makes it a popular choice for those who want to achieve a natural look without spending too much.


Con: Needs Maintenance

Limestone is a porous material. This means it has very tiny holes in it that need to be sealed so that it doesn’t get damaged. Regular maintenance is also necessary to prolong its life. Some limestone tiles are softer than others, which would require homeowners even more maintenance. This could end up being rather expensive, considering all the cumulative expenses of regular maintenance and repair if not properly maintained.


Pro: Durable

If properly sealed and maintained, these tiles can last a lifetime. It has high composition of minerals, making it strong and durable. Homeowners don’t need to worry about replacing these tiles every so often as long as they take good care of it.


Con: Soft

Limestone is a rather soft material compared to other tiles. This makes it more susceptible to chipping and damage especially in areas of the house with lots of activities. This would be a disadvantage for hallways, foyers, or busy kitchens. Sealing and maintenance work can take care of this problem, but that means setting aside time and money, which again, is something, that homeowners need to take into consideration.


Pro: Flexible

Since limestone is softer than other stones, which makes it easier to cut into different sizes and shapes. Installers have an easier time working with limestone floor tiles because getting the right size and shape for the flooring doesn’t take too much work. Additionally, mosaic designs can also be achieved by using small pieces of differently coloured limestone tiles, which gives you even more creative freedom.


Con: Heavy

Since these tiles are made with natural stone, they could be heavier than other tiles. This needs special handling and installation to avoid breakage and hurting someone.