Polaris To Increase Production In Poland To Avoid Retaliatory Tariffs

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Last month, Polaris Industries, maker of the Indian motorcycle brand said that it is considering plans to increase production in Poland to deal with the EU retaliatory tariffs to Presidents Trump’s tariff on imported steel and aluminium. However, Polaris has assured the United States that their move will not affect jobs at their US plants, however; they cannot ignore the negative consequences to employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders.

According to Polaris CEO Scott Wine, increased production in Opole, Poland for the coming year was already planned for quite some time but an additional benefit is the avoidance of tariff. The company also said that their 2nd quarter earnings were better than expected.

Last month, US motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson announced that it will move production of motorcycles that are sold in Europe from their US factories to overseas facilities because of the retaliatory tariffs imposed by EU on US motorcycles. In his tweet, President Trump said that if Harley Davidson will proceed with the plan, it will be the beginning of the end as they will be taxed like never before.

Meanwhile Polaris Industries said that the production of the Indian brand for the US market will continue in the Iowa Spirit Lake plant where 500 people are employed. Polaris also has plants in different states where snow mobiles and off-road utility vehicles are made. Meanwhile, the trade war is expected to cost Polaris $40 million this year. Costs are also expected to increase significantly next year if the trade war continues or escalates.

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