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Places To Eat At Koh Samet

As one would expect from an island destination, Koh Samet has quiet a few restaurants, aimed at making sure that travellers that enjoy their time in this tropical island don’t do so on empty stomach. If you’re looking for street food or an Italian grill in Rayong, Koh Samet’s solid dining scene has you covered, and the nightlife, despite regulations forcing them to close by 23:00, is still very much worth experiencing.

Here’s a peek at what Koh Samet’s food scene has in store, grouped by their location on the island.

Ao Noi Na

West of Nadan Pier is Kjeat’s Kitchen at the Sunrise Villas, which is the place to be for English breakfasts. Costing a mere 140 baht, the food here is served with high-end sausages and fresh coffee. For those looking for an Italian grill in Rayong, the food isn’t just British food, the menu being an eclectic mix of Thai, English and Italian food that’s served until 20:00 on a terrace.

A bit further out west, the German-owned Ban Pra Kai Kaew offers authentic German and European food, beers and wines, along with good food like hearty stodge like salami, bratwurst served with side dishes like potato soup, steak, schnitzel, and the like. Prices range from 100 to 300 baht, and the seaside beer garden is a fine spot to eat under a beach umbrella.

Samet Village

The largest and cheapest selection of food is here in the main drag of the village, with many options.Along the centre of the strip, several unnamed barbecue shacks sell wonderful street food, with whole fishes, squids, prawns and a wide, mouth watering range of  meats. Most of these are run by people from Northeast Thailand or Isaan, selling authentic style som tam, tam tuea (long bean salad) or nam tok (pork neck salad).

Featuring fairy lights, tasteful arts, and street side tables, Red Ginger, is a speakeasy eatery located at the heart of the village. Owned by a Canadian named Roger, who’s also a chef and bartender, the place offers quality cocktails and grills cooking large portions of pork medallions and spare ribs which people can enjoy with the house-made barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes and excellent broccoli salad.