Packaging Mistakes To Avoid When Shipping Items

If you are planning to enter the world of online business making, you are probably focused on the products you’ll be selling and how. But once you have placed a firm foundation on your online store, you should then proceed to another important area in your business: shipping. Shipping is only half of the final step to completing a purchase. The other half is the packaging. Most of the time, packaging is not taken seriously and often ignored but you should know that if you don’t package your products effectively for shipping, chances are, the product may arrive damaged to the customer. Remember, the shipping box is always on the move and it is most likely to experience constant abuse. Also, oftentimes, they make a few mistakes when packaging. Here are some of them.

  1. Packing in heavily marked boxes. One of the things that people make a habit of reusing old items. However, when it comes to shipping boxes, it is important that you use new and stronger ones. Never use reuse boxes with large amounts of printing or images.
  2. Packing in failed boxes. Salvaging older boxes can have ill effects on your product. Never ever use a box with burst strength less than the weight of the product. Weak boxes are more likely to break and damage your goods, remember that.
  3. Using inferior filler. There are some people who are okay with using old newspapers, documents and other materials with a low crush resiliency. When you use inferior filler, they may not be able to effectively protect your product from sudden impact.
  4. Leaving space. Before you seal a box, make sure you don’t leave empty space open even when you feel the item is well protected. Don’t leave any room for the item to suddenly shift.
  5. Using inappropriate tape. Using gray duct tape is more likely to dry and fall off when the box is placed in hot trucks or containers. Only make use of strong packaging tape so that you are sure that your shipping box remains sealed.
  6. Using only envelopes. There are people who ship items by using a mere envelope without any other form of protection. Doing so can be regrettable as your item is sure to get damaged.

Lastly, when you are purchasing packaging products, make sure to buy from reputable companies like Paper Mart in order to make sure that the materials are strong and durable.