Orchid Caring Tips From Thailand Flowers Distributor
Nurturing an orchid or does not require special skills. You...

Nurturing an orchid or does not require special skills. You don’t even have to have a green thumb just to make an orchid thrive and grow healthily. All you have to do is ask a Thailand flowers distributor from which you bought the orchid for the right caring and feeding tips. Here are some great ideas for caring orchids after having the plant at home.


Repotting is important especially if the orchid will be transported from another country or will be shipped for days. The moment you receive the orchid, repot it right away to free it from temporary mixture and container that are only good for shipping. Find out the right mixture for the type of orchid that you have. Without repotting the plant, you run the risk of having the orchid rotting due to bacteria.

Choose the right containers

There are different types of containers used for potting but one of the best according to a reputable Thailand flowers distributor are those made of plastic. For one, it makes it easier for you to see the roots and its condition especially of the roots if they are dehydrated or water flooded. Plastic container also makes it easier for sunlight to penetrate the roots.

Learn watering techniques

Orchids have different water needs. There are those that do not require much watering while there are those that may require more than the average plant. To be sure, read the caring techniques of the particular orchid that you bought. Do not spray water as it causes spots on the leaves and flowers. Make sure to fertilize the orchid based on its recommended dosage.

Treat pests

To effectively get rid of pests, according to a Thailand flowers distributor, you will need to apply horticultural oils for houseplants. Avoid commercial pest killers as they could contain toxic or harsh chemicals. Organic natural oils should be applied before repotting. The oil should be sprayed all over the plant starting at the roots, leaves and flowers. Keep the plant away from direct sunlight as the oil could burn the plant.

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