Motorcycle Buying Guide 101

People are rediscovering motorcycles because getting around in cars can be time consuming due to the traffic in the city. Aside from the hardcore riders and enthusiasts, many people are now considering motorcycles as a better option for travel and adventure. Those who are looking for a bike that will fit their needs can go to Suzuki motorcycle dealers in the UK that offer different models from top manufacturers.

The cruiser is the favourite of millions of riders because it is beautiful, tough and cool. It is also the best for beginners because it is easier to control with smooth power delivery. The low seat height allows both feet to touch the ground. However, there are models with extreme ergonomics making it difficult for the less experienced to handle. Between the 200cc motorcycles and the 2000cc ground pounders, that best bet for new riders is the 1200cc and lower because it more manageable and can be used in city streets and open roads.

At the end of the spectrum is the sports bike that is built for speed. They have top end engines with 200 horsepower and 200mph capabilities that can outrun some of the fastest cars. However, the sports bike is expensive and not actually recommended for less experienced riders. An option for riders who want speed is the sports bike in the 300cc to 500cc range. They are more manageable even if they are tremendously powerful. If you have decided on the sports bike, make sure to wear the right riding gear.

The standard bike is the do-all option for motorcycle riders. They generally look sporty after loading it with saddlebags, a windscreen and backrest to hit the open road. After you remove all the stuff, the standard bike can be used to go to work. Many new models today come with a surprising amount of technology from phone charging cubbies to automatic transmission.

If you are searching for the best models of motorcycles, your best option is the Suzuki motorcycle dealers that have an extensive range of new and used bikes. Motorcycle enthusiasts know that the Suzuki brand offers some of the most reliable bikes in the two-wheel transport sector.