Liveaboard Diving – A New Type Of Adventure


A new type of adventure is being pursued by passionate divers. Instead of traveling to popular dive sites all over the world, divers prefer the unique experience of liveaboard diving. Liveaboard boats often include comfortable accommodations, bathroom facilities and delectable menus to pamper the divers while visiting remote diving sites. Being able to dive multiple times within a day is like a slice of heaven for divers. There is no better way to leave behind the doldrums of everyday life than liveaboard diving where you can enjoy a great experience in the company of fellow divers. Friendships can easily be built considering that you have the same passion. A great experience is guaranteed in liveaboard diving because of the presence of a captain and skilled crew who know where the best remote dive sites are located. There are certainly dive sites unknown to many divers which mean you won’t be diving with a crowd.

Because liveaboard diving usually lasts for several days, you can truly settle and relax and focus on enjoying every dive. You can dive for multiple times a day or you can spend your downtime relaxing with a good book. The scenery in most remote dive sites are magnificent and outstanding, something you have never seen your entire life.

However, there are drawbacks if the trip lasts for days. You will miss nightlife because the only lights that you will see in the evening will be nature’s own light shadow. You will also enjoy a totally good experience of the moon and stars in the water; a sight that every diver should experience.

Meals are part of the experience in liveaboard diving. Local chefs will provide you unique meals according to the exotic flavors of your destination. You will probably taste some foods for the first time in your life but this makes the experience highly unique.

A perfect diving trip is offered by Thailand Dive and Sail. If you have never dived before, experienced professionals will guide you to your first diving experience. Make sure you book early particularly during peak season to be able to explore the beautiful islands of Thailand with like-minded people.