Important Steps To Prepare Your Lawn For Cold And Dry Winters

Most people dread winters. The cold and dry winter air and snow damage the beautiful lawns, which were painstakingly maintained throughout the summers. The lush green lawns can be well maintained even in the winter by following some simple procedures.

Here are some tips that work wonders for me and I use them every year to prepare lawn for winter so that it appears fresh and beautiful when the winter bows out.

  • Knowing when to mow your lawn and the ideal winter height for the grass is an important aspect of keeping your lawn looking fresh and green. Do a bit of research to find the suitable length of the grass variety in your lawn for winters. Maintaining the grass at the prescribed length lets the grass protect itself from the cold and snow. There is no risk of fungus formation, if the grass is maintained at proper length. The ideal length to cut any type of grass before winters arrive is 1.5 inches in areas with warmer weather and 0.75 inches in areas with colder temperatures.
  • Fertilizing the lawn is an important step that helps in preparing it for winters. Add a good quality, organic fertilizer to the soil before the winter arrives. Fertilization helps the lawn to grow back green and fresh, when the winter recedes and the warm summer months arrive.
  • Stop watering the lawn. The weather is cool outside so the grass does not require watering. If you stay in places with warmer climates, reduce the frequency of watering the lawn.
  • Inspect your garden carefully and clean up areas with Stillwater to reduce the breeding of mosquitoes. This is an important step as it will ensure a healthy and mosquito free home during warmer climates.
  • Leave the snow remaining on the grass and do not plough it. Snow protects the grass from the cold and dry winter air by acting as insulation. Ploughing the snow away, damages the blades and forms patches on the surface.

Taking proper care of the lawn in summers and following these steps to prepare lawn for winters, will help you in maintaining a fresh and lush green lawn throughout the year. If you’d like to find out more, please visit