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How To Take Care Of Diamond Ring In Thailand

One of the most expensive jewellery is one that is made with diamonds. A diamond ring in Thailand can be quite expensive. Apart from the price that comes with it, engagement rings should be properly taken care of for its sentimental value. Wearing an engagement ring means that you are already committed to your partner and vice versa. To keep your diamond engagement ring in optimum state, learn how to take care of it properly. Here are simple ways to do that.

  • Remove your diamond engagement ring if you are going to expose your hands to harsh chemicals such as those that are used for removing stains in the bathroom or kitchen. Avoid abrasive materials and those with bleach when you are wearing your ring. Take it off before engaging in heavy work as it could damage the ring and the gemstones.
  • If you are going to engage in lifting or carry heavy items, remove your ring. Do the same if you are going to do some gardening at home.
  • To prevent your diamond ring in Thailand from getting scratched, store it in a cool, clean and dry jewellery box. Choose one with compartments to prevent it from grazing with other jewelleries.
  • If your engagement ring has gemstones, have it checked by a professional jeweller once or twice a year to ensure that the studs are still in their proper place. This is particularly recommended if the ring was subjected to hard impact.
  • Most engagement rings are made with gold or platinum. If you are going to have it clean the engagement ring by yourself, make sure that you are going to use specifically formulated solutions for gold or platinum jewellery. Use warm water, mild soap and soft toothbrush for cleaning the ring or any other jewellery that you intend to clean.
  • Be very careful when cleaning diamond ring in Thailand. Take note that even soft toothbrush can still scratch or damage the surface of the ring.
  • When rinsing the ring, make sure that you avoid rinsing it before the drain. To dry the ring, use clean and lint-free cotton.