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How To Stay Dry And Comfortable In The Summer Heat

If you are wearing a button-down, it is important to be free from sweat stains. Numi’s nude undershirt has patented technology that absorbs underarm perspiration. The underarm part of the undershirt includes sweat-wicking material that ensures that moisture will be stopped from showing through the top. It is incredibly soft and can be paired with any kind of shirt or blouse.

Summer is the time of year when people worry about sweat stains. It is difficult to choose outfits that can withstand heat and humidity in public transport and hot offices. Nobody wants to be seen drenched with sweat with huge blotches on the underarms. The problem becomes worse for those who sweat excessively.

According to stylists, there is a 2-step approach for dressing if you sweat excessively. The first step is to find clothing that will keep you cool and prevent sweating. The second step is to minimize that appearance of sweat which you cannot avoid. If the weather is extremely hot, it can be difficult for a person not to sweat.

There are breathable fabrics like linen, cotton and silk. Natural fibers allow the skin to get of rid perspiration instead of condensing it inside and turning into a puddle. There are undershirts with anti-sweat pads on the armpit to absorb sweat and prevent it from seeping on the top. The extra thickness on the underarms is comfortable enough to keep you dry all day.

Another option is to wear breezy, flowy dresses that do not cling to the body. It is super chic and perfect for summer. Even if you sweat excessively, the fabric will not be affected. Choose a fabric that is lightweight and soft and works perfectly for a day at the beach or a dinner date. You can easily put a sweater over it once the night becomes a little bit colder.

The good thing with nude undershirt is the range of colors available to suit every complexion and skin tone. The seamless design makes it undetectable under your outfit. The reversible neckline allows you to wear the undershirt as scoop neck or crew neck for extra versatility. The undershirts are ethically manufactured in Toronto, Canada.