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How Map Illustrations Support Tourism

One of the unique solutions that tourism professionals can use is a map illustration that can easily promote a travel destination. An illustrated pictorial map best describes a place through a combination of skills and creativity that shows a certain area as it looks from above. The tourist destination is visually presented using colors, style and hand-drawn images that spark interest among viewers.

Depending on the purpose of tourism officials, the map illustrations can be of a smaller size or pocket size than can be handheld or it can be in folded form or a big informative board that can be installed in the tourist site. Usually, the map illustrations are provided to visitors for free so that they can bring it home to show their family and friends.

The main advantage of map illustrations is the strong visual message that they deliver. The impressive map art that s usually created in rich colours effectively comply with today’s strong visual culture. Holiday and travel destinations are highlighted on the map illustrations together with realistic and unique graphics to present the places of interest.

The appearance of map illustrations in tourism became an additional tool for culture, wellness and water tourism. The map illustration helps travellers in planning their activities. Different places where activities can be experienced are marked on the map as well as thematic routes developed local tourism experts.

The techniques used in creating map illustrations offer extremely versatile solution possibilities. Since it is not a traditional map, the map illustration can be reproduced as a large informative board or painted on the ground for visitors to walk on. There are also a range of places where the map illustration can be displayed like restaurants, hotels, visitor centers and town halls. It will help introduce a certain town or city to travelers who want to visit different tourist spots in the world.

The use of map illustration as a tourism tool was very popular decades ago. Different types of illustrated maps were made by artists to generate awareness for various tourist destinations across the world. Map illustrations are very interesting even if they were not created for purposes of navigation.