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How Do Solar Power Work?

Out of all the renewable energy sources available, solar power is considered to be the cleanest and most reliable. It is currently used by both residential and commercial properties in various forms. The solar panels or photovoltaic panels are responsible in converting sunlight to electricity. The electron present in the silicon cells are excited by the photons found in sunlight. This renewable source of energy then creates electricity which is consumed by the public.

It is common to see solar panels in Brisbane installed on the roof of the properties because it is recommended that panels should be located on a place with no shade. This way, the solar panels will be able to collect sunlight during the prime hours between 9 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. For optimum result, it is ideal to place the installation where it is facing south. It is vital that there is no shade covering the panels during the day such as trees because the efficiency is affected. In the case of solar panels, shading just one cell will result to a power reduction of over 50 per cent.

Not all roofs have the right angle or orientation for the panels to be installed in but there are pivoting panels available which is capable of following the sun as it moves all day long. For regular panels, it is recommended that the inclination should be the same as the latitude of the site for optimum energy absorption.

The solar panels are also referred to as modules. These are composed of photovoltaic cells that are manufactured from silicon material. The panels gather sunlight and transform it into electricity instead of producing heat. These photovoltaic cells have positive and negative films made of silicon which covered with very thin glass. As the sun shines, photons create a reaction with the electrons that causes them to be attracted to the silicon of the opposite charge. This reaction created electric voltage that can be used if channelled correctly. If there are multiple panels, a fused array combiner is used. At this point, the electricity is direct current and an inverter is used to transform it to alternating current. This is how solar panels in Brisbane are powering houses and businesses.