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Helpful Info For Choosing Your Car Seat Covers

Your car’s factory-spec seats are good and comfy, sure, but, over time, they’ll age. And, as they age, they’ll degrade, and their performance will worsen. They’ll look dull, feel less comfy to sit on, and other detrimental effects.

This is why seat covers, whether they’re custom seat covers or just ordered ones, are popular. They protect your car seats, give your interior a personalized look, and can even hide any existing damage to the seats. They’re great.

But, with so many options to consider, how does one go about choosing custom seat covers for their car? Well, here’s a few things to consider.


  • Neoprene: Made of the same stuff as scuba suits, they’re resistant to pressure, temperature, and moisture, offering the best protection for your seats. Perfect for off-roaders and adventurists who don’t mind getting a bit of dirt on them.
  • Velour: Made from polyester or cotton, this fabric provides a plush, knitted appearance and a super-soft finish. Not that water resistant, but stylish and comfortable.
  • Leather: Perfect for colder climes, leather doesn’t absorb spills; keeping the liquid on top of their surface. Problem is, heat and leather don’t mix.
  • Canvas: Perfect for those with more active lifestyles, this cover lasts a while and is hard-wearing. This stuff can handle rough handling, and rough weather. It’s also rather comfortable and pleasing to the eye, while being tight-fitting. Perfect for those with kids or pets. Or both.


There’s a few things to consider about the size of your seat covers. If there are any peripherals (airbags, armrests, DVD players, built-in screens, etc.) you need to consider these things for choosing sizes.

  • Size 90: front high backbenches
  • Size A: for vans and utility vehicles
  • Size 06/06H: Comes with three different headrest covers for adjustable headrests. They don’t work well for armrests or folding seats, though
  • Size B/401: Covers 3/4th of the bench, as well as front bucket seats. Allows for adjustable headrests, but no cutouts in the 3/4th of the bench for the gear stick.
  • Size 30A/30 Deploy Safe: Perfect for airbags, particularly those in the front seat. Mandatory if you have seatbelts.