Helpful Beginner’s Tips for Yoga Initiates

Yoga can be quite challenging especially for beginners. First of all, learning the vocabulary can be very challenging because most of the terms in yoga are in Sanskrit and while it may be a beautiful and unique language, it’s just that hard to learn. Terms like Pranayama, Savasana, and Namaste are just examples of the easier and more common terms. What more with longer terms like pashchimottanasana? What beginners would need to do is to develop empathy towards the yoga. Unfortunately, that is developed along the way so the main focus for beginners should be patience and consistency.

Remember, yoga may have some obstacles for getting used to however, both beginners and experts alike can definitely enjoy the feel and the benefits of yoga. So if you are a beginner and would want to get a hang around things, here are some tips that might help you out.

  1. Keep a journal. Having a specific notebook for your yoga classes and practice can definitely help you record your thoughts regarding the practice. You can use it to compile a list of the poses you are learning, writing observations in the class and even use it to study and write new terms that you come across.
  2. Practice at the same space at home. When you practice yoga at home, it would be better if you use the same space everyday so that you can create a groove in your mind and would easily recall the memory of your past practices and lessons.
  3. Define your practice. The routine you choose would depend entirely up to how you can make yourself available for practice, the techniques you wish to focus on, the details and your way of meditation.
  4. Use a yoga mat. Yoga mats provide the best comfort for yoga enthusiasts.
  5. Collect CDs and books. They can be a lifelong source for information.
  6. Breathing breaks are important. When you do yoga in Chiang Mai, know that breathing breaks can help your relax better and meditate much easier. It helps you vacate the stresses of your mind and the strains put on by daily living.