Guidelines To Choose A Company For Installation Of Solar Panels On The Gold Coast

Solar energy is the most environmentally friendly and abundant source to generate electricity for homes and offices. Apart from making the home eco-friendly, solar energy offers a lot of benefits like, reducing the utility bills, earning tax credits and rebates and reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. With the advancement in technology, homeowners can find a lot of variety in solar panels.

However, installation of the solar panels requires experience and skill. Homeowners seeking to installs solar panels on the Gold Coast and other parts of the country, should choose an experienced and professional installation company that provides efficient installation and reliable customer service. Here are some simple guidelines that help homeowners to choose a solar panel installation company.

Get recommendations and reviews

Begin the search by asking for recommendations from family and friends. This will help to get contacts of trusted solar panel installers. Use the internet to search for reputed installation companies in the neighbourhood. Read the customer reviews on the websites of the companies and on other forums. Choose a company that is recommended by a maximum number of customers.

Get price quotations

Most of the installation companies provide free quotes to potential customers. Visit the websites of different solar panel installation companies and fill up the quote request forms to get a price quotation depending on your power requirements. This will not only help in comparing prices but also allow to gauze the response times of the company. Choose a company that offers quick response to consumer requests.

Site visit and interview

The next step is to request a site visit and final discussion. Ask questions about the experience and certifications of the installation company. Also know about the brand and design of the solar panels to be used for the project. The company representative must be willing to answer all the questions and explain the reasons for choosing a particular brand and model of solar panels.

Financing options

Installing solar panels is expensive, not all the homeowners can pay upfront for the installation expenses. Look for the financing options provided by the company. Most of the installation companies provide multiple payment option and financing schemes to suit the requirements of the customers.



Apart from the company warranty on the solar panels and the inverter, the company offering installation of solar panels on the Gold Coast, must also offer workmanship warranty.