Getting Around In Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant city that is rich in history, culture, and the friendly accommodations of the people. What I personally love about the city is how it can combine modern tastes and infrastructure demands with ancient temples, or sophisticated dining with tasty street food.


I am not the only one who sees the beauty of Thailand’s capital, which is why it’s important to be able to score a convenient hotel in Bangkok to stay in. To make the most of the trip is to find the hotel that will best suit your needs and preferences, and for those who have similar tastes as I do, here are a couple of recommendations on the areas to find your perfect hotel in!

  • Khao San Area


This specific area is full of bars and street markets that offer a real Bangkok local vibe. The Democracy Monument is around here as well, and the delicious street food is spread about to enjoy. For its calmer aspect, the Wat Saket, the Golden Mount, is a gorgeous Buddhist Temple located on the top of Golden Mountain. Though not particularly earning the “convenient” in a convenient hotel in Bangkok in terms of location and distance from the city transit, it is worth walking through!

  • Riverside Area


Okay, the Bangkok Riverside is absolutely breath-taking! If it weren’t for my soft spot for street food, the Riverside Area would be at the top of the list. The water reflects the sunset beautifully, and when the night comes, the lit skyline along the river is glittering and rich. For this very reason, a lot of Bangkok’s 5-star hotels are around here. Ferries over the river take you up and down the river to see the landmarks of the city.


Sightseeing destinations around these parts would also show you Wat Aru, the Temple of Dawn, the giant Reclining Buddha, the Grand Paalace, and the Asiatique Market, which is both an amusement park and an outdoor mall.

  • Sukhumvit Area


The long road of Sukhumvit winds around the diverse characteristics of Bangkok, bringing together shopping malls, street markets and street food, high-end restaurants and malls, and a lively nightlife with bars. Transportation is not a problem in the area with its cheap taxis and its connections to the transit system.