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Floating Market Of Bangkok – Touristy But Authentic

The tourism industry in Thailand remains strong in spite of the recent challenges faced by the Southeast Asian nation. In fact, Thailand has dominated Asia Pacific tourism with the number of arrivals, total nights stayed and the amount of spend on tourist-oriented activities. Thailand has become a tourist haven because most if not everything is cheap from accommodations to food, entertainment and nightlife.

Floating market in Bangkok

The floating markets of Thailand are known all over the world and well worth visiting for a traveler. Bangkok and some of the surrounding areas used to be referred to as the Venice of the East because of the numerous waterways and canals that Thais relied on for transportation. Local vendors started to sell different products directly from the boats. They congregated in certain areas and were referred to as floating market.

Nowadays, people visit the floating market to do some shopping and eating. Some simply walk and look around before trying the abundant food sold by the local vendors. The floating market is actually very touristy because the vendors are selling products that are very attractive to tourists. This Thailand attraction is definitely authentic because it cannot be experienced in other parts of the world.

If food is one of your reasons for visiting the floating market, go to the left side of the market where you will find some bamboo picnic tables. Make sure to grab an empty table before you order your food because this unique Thai activity is particularly famous to both tourists and locals. It is absolutely a must to try the Thai salted grilled fish. Do not be overwhelmed by the amount of salt that the vendor puts on the fish prior to grilling; he is just following the authentic recipe. It is incredibly delicious particularly with the spicy and tangy sauce.

Planning a trip to Thailand is particularly challenging that is why many tourists prefer Thailand Tour packages. Some tours may be fantastic but others do not satisfy the adventure you are craving for. The problem with tour packages is the range of activities that have not changed for years.