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Dressing Up For Halloween 2016

Halloween is no longer just for kids. Some adults dress in hilarious costumes and parade the streets on October 31st. This day has been a tradition but it is really a bit odd if you think about it.

Halloween folklore is a combination of Celtic, Pagan, Catholic and Roman traditions. It was thought to go back as early as the Iron Age which was around 800 to 600 BC when the Gauls and Celts ruled some parts of North France and Great Britain. In the Celtic calendar, October 31 is its last day. Halloween was a celebration before the coming of winter. They thought of winter as the one that brought death of nature and life.

Gaelic people called this holiday, Samhain. They believed in honoring the dead on their New Year’s. When Gaul (modern France) and Britain were invaded by the Romans, many Roman festivals got mixed with Samhain. An ancient Roman festival was held in November 1 celebrating harvest of apples.

All Saints’ Day, also called All Hallows or called Hallowmas, is celebrated on the 1st of November in the Roman Catholic Church. This is when saints and departed ones are honored. Traditions also included practices warding off the spirits and honoring the dead in the countries of Europe. British churches bought candles and held bonfires to ward off evil spirits. The tradition of trick or treating was started by the Irish. Halloween got to America in the mid 19th century from the Irish immigrants.

Today, Halloween influenced multiple countries around the world. For the French’s La Fete D’ Halloween, people collect candies by going to store after store. Mexico has strong Catholic influences, and Mexicans visit cemeteries in order to offer prayers and bless graves.

The wearing of costumes have also been associated with Halloween. It was traditionally based on scary folklore beings. By the 1930s, people were dressing up in Movie Costumes. It was not only until the mid 20th century when adults have worn costumes too as these were previously worn mostly by kids.

The evolution from the usual scary costumes to the cute Halloween costumes.