Don’t Be A Victim Of Tourist Trap When Visiting Niagara Falls With These Tips

The very first documentation of Niagara Falls was way back in 1678. During those times, Niagara Falls boat ride is still nonexistent and there is no hydroelectric power drawing from the majestic falls. Centuries have passed and Niagara Falls have changed yet the beauty remained if not more majestic. This is currently the most well-know state park in the country with an estimated 30,000 million tourists visiting annually.

The first thing to consider when visiting Niagara Falls while driving is the parking space. Inside the state park, there is a parking area close to the visitor’s center that charges $10. In order to stop and admire the falls, a meter must be fed. If you are getting the Discovery Pass for your trip, it is worth parking at the Aquarium of Niagara. This is for free and there is a shuttle from the visitor’s centre. If you want to save from parking, there is a 10-storey building prior to the visitor centre where parking charges only $5.

Getting to the visitors center will give one the chance to choose among the experiences they want to try. There are those that are contented with just getting a photo of the view while others spend more for additional experience such the boat ride that will help tourists get a closer look at the falls. This will give you the chance to see the three falls up close. There is also the Cave of the Winds which costs $14 for a 30 minute exploration at the American Falls’ base. Adventure Theater is for $12, Aquarium of Niagara is $11 while Niagara Gorge Discovery Center costs $3.

Make sure you are prepared for the up close experience with the falls. Dress up appropriately so you avoid shivering from the cold and bring extra clothes in order to change as soon as the visit is over. It is inevitable to get wet during the Niagara Falls boat ride because this will give the tourists the chance to get as close to the falls as possible.