Do-It-Yourself Moving: Tips In Moving Interstate

So you’ve decided to move and now thinking of the how: asking for help from friends and family is common, but it’s such a lot of work that not everyone has the time and skills for it.


This is why many homeowners opt to hire furniture removalists in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth—wherever they are—instead. This makes moving easier and faster. By hiring professional movers, homeowners are rest assured that their belongings are taken care of, and are handled property.


But how about those moving interstate on a budget?


Sell old things and buy new ones once you have moved.

Moving interstate could be a little more complicated than just moving from one part of the city to the other. This is because the distance travelled by your items is much greater. To minimize moving cost and make the whole thing easier, some opt to sell some old things instead and just buy new ones in their new locations.  So, instead of trying to move that big sofa, you can just choose to sell it and use the money you get from selling it to buy a new one for your new home. This works well for people who don’t keep family heirlooms, like singles, students, or retirees.


Hire a truck.

Instead of trying to fit everything into your own car or van, or trying to look for people who are willing to drive interstate for you and your belongings, why not put everything into a single truck that you could drive by yourself? Many furniture removalists in Sydney, New York, and other places may allow you to rent one of their trucks if you are not interested in hiring them for the full service. This turns possible multiple moving trips into a single one. The downside, however, is that since you are only renting the truck, you have to drive it yourself, and load and unload your own things on your own.


Get a trailer.

If your vehicle is equipped to full a trailer, this option may be better for you. You get to bring your car and your belongings at the same time by putting your items into the trailer. Take note, however, that fuel costs may be high, and driving with a trailer can be a challenge if you are not used to it.