Choosing Between An Outdoor And An Indoor Event

A unique solution for parties and events is dome hire in Brisbane with its unique and innovative design. For product launches and exhibits, the company logo can be printed on the dome cover and sidewalls. For a party, it would be easy enough to put décor inside and outside the dome. You have full control with the way you want the dome to look like to make it impressive to your guests.

If you are going to hold a party or an event outdoors, make sure that the weather conditions will not diminish the fun and excitement of your guests. Dome marquees are water-resistant and sturdy but they can be toppled by extremely strong winds. Remember that you are hiring a dome marquee as protection against the sunlight or the cool night breeze. Plan your outdoor event during the summer months when it is sunny and warm.

When you hold an event indoors, there are no weather concerns. Most venues have air conditioning or heating to ensure a controlled temperature. However, there is a maximum capacity due to safety and fire regulations. The number of guests is usually the issue in some venues that is why many opt for the outdoors with marquees as protection.

Indoor venues are not usually equipped to handle a large amount of cars. There are instances when guests have to park along the streets or in adjacent parking spaces. It is also frustrating for vendors when there is no space available to park their trucks. When you hold the event outdoors, it usually comes with unlimited parking.

During a favourable day, guests can enjoy the amazing view of the outdoors. Since you have control over the design of dome marquee, you can get inspiration from the natural beauty of the scenery. You can add seating outside the marquee for guests who prefer to enjoy the outdoors.

If you are considering an outdoor event, dome hire in Brisbane can assist you with lighting, décor planning, sound systems and tables and chairs. They can anticipate your every need and are willing to provide support to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.