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A Brief History Of Illustrated Maps

There is no shortage of talent that creates beautiful illustrated maps. While the maps are drawn by hand, they are 100% digital. What does this mean? Interactive WebMap Service incorporates technology to the hand-drawn illustrative maps so that they can be modified, altered or updated for future use.

Illustrated maps were very popular during the 1860’s until aerial photography was introduced to the world in 1920. Printing technology was also developed and created a market for portraits. The post-Civil War era was associated to economic growth and prosperity so that portraits of cities and town as they looked from above were very much in demand.

The first step in creating bird’s eye view map is to visit the city or village, walk around the streets and sketch the buildings. The sketches are assembled into a drawing of the city as it appears from the eyes of a bird. The illustrated maps were not generally drawn according to strict scale but they show street patterns, individual buildings and major features of the landscape.

Local residents wanted their cities to be presented as wealthy and thriving. To satisfy the clients, artists would draw smoke coming out of factory chimneys, ships sailing in the rivers and railroad engines hauling goods.

Clients expect accurate illustrated maps. The names of streets must be correct and buildings must be meticulously presented. Details were very crucial from the number of windows and doors to their placements in individual homes. In order to show the entire view of a city, the artist has to apply certain distortion of perspective. In most instances, smaller pictures of buildings were drawn with references printed at the bottom.

Once the illustrated map has been completed, it is printed and sold to local residents who are too happy to have their individual homes depicted. Meanwhile, companies used the bird’s eye view map to promote their business.

Today, illustrated maps are 100% digital although the artist still draws the view, buildings and landmarks by hand. Interactive WebMap Service uses several satellite imagery resources as well as mapping resources to create a fully illustrated 2D or 3D map the client will be proud to own.

Business DUI Arrests Law Service Tips

The Pandemic Won’t Save Drivers From DUI Arrests

There are people who assume that they won’t be arrested for DUI because there is a pandemic. Not only will you be arrested; you will require the services of a DUI lawyer to provide result-oriented legal representation. Even if courts are closed, hearings can take place through video conferencing.

Many towns and cities across the world have implemented stay-at-home orders except during emergency circumstances where people are allowed to go out. This means that people have to self-quarantine to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, DUI enforcement is still underway in some states. Even if the streets are empty, police officers can still charge you with DUI once they have enough evidence.

If a police officer asks you to pull over because you are violating stay-at-home guidelines, the officer can determine whether you are driving under the influence of alcohol. You can be arrested on the spot. If you are convicted of DUI, prepare for fines, jail time and other penalties.

There are legal intoxication limits of 0.08% for drivers. If you are found to have blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or more, it is introduced to the court as evidence of intoxication. In some states, if the driver has BAC of 0.16% or higher, he can be charged with aggravated DWI that has harsher penalties when convicted.

Drivers under 21 years old that have positive BAC can be convicted with DWI. There is zero tolerance policy for underage drivers and potential penalties are quite high. The simple fact that you are operating a vehicle means that you automatically consent to blood, breath and/or urine testing to determine whether you are guilty of DUI. Test refusal and other aggravating circumstances can increase the penalties for the offense.

If you are charged with DUI, you can call the DUI lawyer for legal assistance. The lawyer will investigate the circumstances of your arrest including all evidence gathered by the police. Your rights will be protected and you will gain assistance in your legal defence. You can call for free consultation and information on how the lawyer can help you.


Business Design Tips

Why Businesses Should Invest In New Technologies

Many businesses invest in new technologies that can protect their system and data. If you are considering doing the same, here are some advantages that you can expect.

  • Office technologies are fast and efficient. When a new technology management is created, it is almost always for the purpose of speeding up workflow processes. Through this, your employees will be able to focus better on their job. A lot of businesses believe that they can surpass their competitors when they respond to data, keep up with the changes, and ensure that they are doing the right decisions through new technology and analytics.
  • Investing in office technology means you will have a wider storage and sharing. If you are a business owner, you have to know that time is important. Thus, you have to make sure that your employees will not waste a minute in searching for files and documents. According to studies, almost 20% of the week at work is only wasted just by looking for information, which is indeed inefficient in making business money. When you use technology that can simplify your information storage and sharing, rest assured that the efficiency can help your business. It, too, is also good for security. Take note that outdated technology is a threat to the confidential information of your company. It can also result in an expensive data breach.
  • Another benefit that you can expect from new technology is that your company can automate functions that previously need manpower. This includes tasks such as data entry and analytics. Bookkeeping and contact management can also be automated. This means that your business will be able to work efficiently as you prevent human error.
  • Giving importance to technology management will also improve communication. Typewriters and other old devices were replaced with high technology in order to make communication faster and more efficient. Companies and innovators want to make sure that communication will accelerate. So if you are a business, it will be helpful to invest in new systems to simplify your communication, either internal or external. Rest assured your clients will always be in the loop.

Business LTL Shipping Service Tips

Why You Should Choose LTL Shipping

Less-than truckload shipping or less than load (LTL) is the means of transport that ships a relatively small amount of goods. Parcel carriers and full truckload carriers are the alternatives to LTL carriers. These carriers come in small bulk and packages that can be divided into units less than 150 pounds.


  • One of the advantages of LTL is that it can be less costly. It has been known as an ideal choice for freights that weigh more than 150 pounds and do not require a full truckload. With an LTL shipping process, shipments from different clients are accommodated in one truck. This means that clients will have to pay only for the weight of their goods and the space used, not the entire truck. Compared to parcels, LTL is more economical because it does not handle multiple small packages.


  • Less-than truckload shipping also helps in reducing emissions. More and more companies such as Titan Transline are finding ways to somehow reduce their carbon footprint. Through LTL shipping, trucks on the road decrease since it accommodates a number of goods from different companies. As a result, carbon emissions are lessened.


  • LTL shipping has good security. Since LTL freight is placed onto pallets or crates, the shipments are protected from wear and tear. Take note that some shipments may be worn out from handling different goods which can put them at risk before even reaching the destination.


  • LTL has other services to choose from. They have service options that are not offered by other shipping means. Examples of these services are lift gate, freeze protection, and prior to delivery notifications. It also includes inside pick-up and delivery, special handling, and others.


  • It is also easier to track. Goods that are shipped through LTL can be tracked easily at Tristan Transline or your chosen trucking company. This means it will be much simpler to plan for receipt of shipments and manufacturing workflows. Inventory levels will also be improved. You can track the movement of transport through a bill of lading number, pro number, and PO number. You can also use shipment reference number or pick-up date range.


Business marketing Tips

Web Design Career: Pros And Cons

With the craze of the internet and the growth of online offices, web design has become one of the most demanding jobs today. This means that to become part of a digital marketing agency, apart from the skills and standards that you should possess, you also have to learn the pros and cons of the career. Read below.



  • Being a web designer is convenient. Unlike being in an office, you do not need to worry about your everyday outfit and be with different people from 9AM to 5PM. With only your computer and a good internet connection, you can earn without leaving your home.


  • There are people who do not want to follow a routine when working. If you are that type of person, then digital marketing is an ideal job for you. You will experience a variety of projects to work on. You can accept a blog project today and you can work on a scientific website next week.


  • Feedback is important especially for beginners. This is how you can identify your strong and weak points. One example is the page of the King Kong SEO reviews where the company has gathered great appreciation from clients. With digital marketing, you can also get instant feedback. You will know if your project is going well based on the number of viewers it gets.




  • Being a web designer means that you will spend many hours in front of your computer. While you can get plenty of praises for creating great websites, you can also put your health at risk. You may experience pain in the back and neck and your eyes may be severely damaged. Take note that health problems that are not treated immediately may result in long-term illnesses.


  • You have deadlines to meet and this will require you to work overtime. On some days, you will have to sacrifice things, such as sleep and important events. It is best to set a strict schedule so you can manage your time. Thus, apart from great skills that can achieve the same praises as King Kong SEO reviews, you also need self-discipline.
Business Service Tips

Why Hiring A Junk Removal Company Might Be A Good Idea

No one likes having their house filled with junk. But sometimes, the problem isn’t something you can handle on your own. In that case, you call in the professionals to handle the issue.

Well, that’s the idea. Some people insist on handling things themselves. Which is fine, as long as the job is done properly; efficiently, and safely. But for people who think they can’t deal with their junk problem themselves, then calling professional junk hauling services is the way to go.

As for the details, here’s a few reasons why bringing in professional junk hauling services might be a good idea.

Heavy loads

If you’re moving stuff, and getting rid of junk, then you’ll inevitably end up having to deal with heavy loads. Whether it’s a sofa or a dresser, you need someone to help you with the heavy lifting. For such a situation, calling a friend or a relative works, but can also go wrong; we’ve seen all those videos of people dropping furniture. Thankfully, the professionals can handle such tasks much better.

Lots of junk

If you’ve got friends or family to help you move, then dealing with all the junk isn’t too big of an issue. It’s still going to be a lot of work, but nothing unreasonable. If you’re alone, however, sorting through all your stuff; keeping the stuff you want and throwing away the garbage, that’s a daunting task. That’s why hiring professionals is an option; sometimes, handling it just isn’t an option.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Professional junk removers tend to recycle anything they can from clients. Not just a matter of sustainability, but pragmatism too; sending stuff to the landfill isn’t cheap and, on average, costs more than just recycling something for future use. So don’t worry about your stuff just getting dumped somewhere; professionals would be losing profit from having you as a client if they did that to everything.

Keep yourself light

Not stuff though; professionals can handle big items; it’s what they’re there for. No, having a professional removes much of the burden and worry of moving, as someone else is in charge of handling the hardy, dirty work moving properly.

Dental Implants Health Service Tips

Tips For Effective Reading Dental Implants

If you are planning to have Reading dental implants, the first thing that you might want to do is find a reputable clinic where you can obtain dental services at a pocket-friendly price. Find out what the clinic offers in terms of services and if they offer the type of service that you need. One way to do it is by visiting the dental clinic’s website. Another option is to call the hotline number of the clinic so you can talk to their customer service representative for more information.

Look for a dental clinic that specializes in dental implants, dentures, and crowns, or one that also offers general dentistry service for you and your loved ones. If you have already determined the type of service that you need, ask their representative or check on their website to have an idea on how much you are going to spend for the dental service.

There are clinics where you are guaranteed that Reading dental implants would not require you to spend more than you should. You can also find one that honor insurance to further minimize the costs.

The next thing to do is to set an appointment to as to when the procedure will be conducted. Depending on the type of dental procedure, there are dental solutions that do not require for you to take a leave from the office the next day after the procedure. However for major surgery or even with tooth extraction, you will be required to rest after the procedure or you will be advised not to do heavy stuff at work, such as lifting heavy objects or doing physically taxing tasks.

For major operations or if you are going to be sedated during Reading dental implants, you will be advised not to take any solids or liquids 7 to 10 hours prior to the procedure.  It would also be better to clear your schedule ahead prior to your visit at the dental clinic to ensure that you will not be stressed after. You will also be advised to rest or avoid going out at night for parties immediately after the procedure.

Crime Law Tips

3 Things To Consider In Hiring A Shoplifting Lawyer

There are a lot of lawyers that you can find on the internet or you can also seek referral from friends or family when you need legal assistance especially on matters of theft, robbery and other crimes. You will surely get a lot of law firms on the search engine results page, such as or a number of recommendations from your family. Coming up with a decision can become daunting. However, you can easily spot a reliable shoplifting lawyer by looking at the following points.

Legal crime expertise

You definitely would want to hire an expert in criminal law if you want to get favorable result. This will ensure that you will not waste your time and money including the golden opportunity to get acquitted from a crime you may or may have committed. While it is good to hire a lawyer with several field expertise it would be better if you will hire one who specializes on criminal law or whatever field of legal requirement you may require. This way, you can be sure that the lawyer has dedicated expertise on the matter. Hire a shoplifting lawyer who has advanced education and doctorate on criminal law and related policies.

Qualifications and years of experience

Another important detail to consider when choosing a criminal lawyer is his or her qualifications and experience in the field. Canadian law and policies can be complicated and it is essential that you hire a lawyer who has been in the legal field for a considerable number of years. This means that the lawyer has already gained experience and knows how to handle criminal cases expertly. If you are not a Canadian resident, consider hiring a multi-lingual lawyer who can effectively communicate with you.

Professional service delivery

Hire a shoplifting lawyer who will make you feel more like a friend rather than a person who is merely there to provide legal assistance. You will be talking with the lawyer several times so it is important that you feel at ease with him while maintaining a professional relationship. Read client testimonials to know more about the service delivery of your target lawyer.

Cleaning Taxing Plastic Tips

Survey Says Most Of California Supports Taxing Plastic Manufacturers

With companies that deal with junk removal Orange County and across the US dealing with plastic, particularly in California, public opinion on the material and its manufacturers have gone south.

A recent survey from San Francisco’s Recology put things in perspective, with data saying that 71% of California voters support the key policies of a 2020 ballot, which will include taxing plastic manufacturers.

The ballot, The California Recycling and Plastics Pollution Act of 2020, would see a fee of up to 1% for every plastic package levied on plastic manufacturers, which, some might say could be passed on to the consumer public via higher pricing, which makes the overwhelming support even more noteworthy.

On top of that, it would also prohibit the distribution of any Styrofoam by food vendors, and mandate that all packaging be made from compostable, recyclable, or reusable materials by the time 2030 rolls around. CalRecycle would also receive additional support to help reduce plastic packaging and single-use plastic by imposing new regulations.

California Coastal Commission Commissioners Carly Hart and Linda Escalante, alongside Recology President and CEO Mike Sangiacomo were behind the act getting filed with the State Attorney General’s office. The money the fee would get would then, in turn, be poured into restoring the environment and improving the recycling infrastructure in the US.

The survey asked voters, in detail, whether or not they favor the proposal that would reduce the use of non-recyclable packaging, as well as generate funding for expanding, and maintain composting, recycling, and environmental restoration by charging plastic manufacturers a cent for every item they sell in California that has non-recyclable packaging, with 51% saying they strongly favor it, 20% saying they favor it somewhat, and 20% in opposition.

This shows a lot of support for forcing plastic manufactures to get the message and make their products as recyclable as they can, even if it comes at the risk of people having to take extra costs in retaliation.

Recology VP of Strategic Affairs Eric Potashner says that they can find a proper place for recycling rigid plastics, like those used for detergent bottles, but film plastics, like those used in bags, aren’t recyclable with current technology, meaning they either end up sitting in landfills, or being burnt, both of which hurt the environment and lead additional steps having to be taken by junk removal Orange County and others.


Activities Entertainment Pest Control Service Tips

How To Prevent Pests From Damaging An Establishment’s Reputation

Generally, pests like rodents and cockroaches are attracted to food establishments because they have everything that the pests need from food to water and shelter. Rodents and cockroaches are carriers of bacteria and viruses and food establishments require regular business exterminator services to ensure food safety and health.

Pests are most active at night and if you see a cockroach during the daytime, it means that there is an infestation. The most common hiding places of rodents and cockroaches are under electrical, heating and cooking appliances, under washing facilities, inside boxes, packaging materials and food storage containers, inside wall cavities, cracks and crevices and unused equipment.

Food Safety and Health Standards require food establishments to take all practical measures to prevent pests from entering the premises. Pests must be eradicated completely by maintaining the sanitation and the cleanliness of the food premises and equipment. All food must be kept in sealed containers.

All holes, gaps and cracks in the wall or ceiling must be sealed. Flyscreens must be installed and maintained on windows and doors. Doors must always be kept closed when not in use. It is also important to undertake regular inspections for signs of pests.

While the use of a licensed exterminator is not a legal requirement it is a practical measure to prevent and eradicate pests inside the premises. However, the licensed pest control provider must provide a list of pests and the areas that need treatment including the frequency of treatments. There must be written reports on the treatments undertaken including pest activities, chemicals used in extermination and suggestions provided to the owner

If chemicals or baits are used in pest control, they must be approved for use in food establishments and do not contaminate food and surfaces. Pest control providers must always clarify the work that needs to be done and what timeframe.

As soon as the business exterminator services identify a pest control issue, they will design an appropriate action plan to rectify the problem. Different pest control treatments may be initiated to ensure that the establishment is free from any kind of pests. Preventive measures will be recommended to control the pest problem and prevent it from recurring.


Business Family Lifestyle Tips Travel

A Worth-Remembering Experience In Port Douglas

There are only 2 heritage sites that adjoin one another in the world, the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. From the Cairn Airport, you can take a Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle and get off at a Port Douglas resort.

The sounds of birds will wake you up in the morning. After breakfast, you can lounge by the artificial sandy beaches along the pool. Most resorts are along the beach but the drinks served by the resort while swimming can be too tempting.

A shuttle bus can take you to the marina for a stunning tour of the Great Barrier Reef. There are lots of options in Port Douglas to see the reef from a speedboat to the slower boats. Another option is the sunset cruise with a fleet of 2 luxury sailing boats that will make the journey to the reef as exciting as seeing the reef personally. The boat hardly makes any sound while travelling through the Coral Sea except for the gentle splash of the waves.

One of the most accessible places on the upper half of the reef which is just a stone’s throw away from Port Douglas is the Low Isles. It is composed of two small islands or coral cays that are mounds of coral skeletons collected over the centuries. The Low Isles are spectacular with the waters teeming with small colourful fishes and giant blue clams.

It is very likely that you have heard over the news about the devastating bleaching that hit coral reefs across the world in 2016. The worst damage was experienced in the most northerly parts of the Great Barrier Reef. The damage in the Port Douglas side was less severe. Visitors can still see the reefs at their most pristine condition. However, climate change has taken its toll and some spectacular reefs were devastated.

Your best option to reach Port Douglas is to take the Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle that is available to those who want a private experience. The trip is definitely worth the time and money because you will experience some of the most beautiful natural sites in Australia.


Design Health Service Tips

Achieve An Appealing Smile Through Invisalign Aligners

Traditional metal braces are popular among kids and teenagers while Invisalign in Reading is a more popular choice among adults. Most adults are not fond of the metal braces because it reveals to the public that they are straightening the teeth and trying to achieve an appealing smile. Invisible aligners allow them to keep the dental appliance a secret from their colleagues.

Many parents opt for metal braces for their children because they are familiar with the appliance after growing up with them. However, there are various metal variants available and parents have to research to understand what each material is capable of doing.

On the other hand, clear aligners may take some convincing because the benefits gained are sometimes too good to be true. In many instances, the economic considerations play a key role in deciding between metal braces and clear aligners.

Adults usually know what they want and they have the financial means to pursue the option they prefer. They tend to choose the clear aligners because they work like metal braces but in an unnoticeable manner. They match the color of the teeth and align the teeth more efficiently.

However, there are some cases when the clear aligners lost their ability to blend with the patient’s teeth due to their lifestyle. Initially, the clear aligners will match the color of the teeth but habits can make the appliance standout over time. Mismatch in color can result from smoking, drinking coffee and eating foods with curry.

A patient needs to consult with an orthodontist or dentist for dental treatment. The orthodontist will make an impression of the teeth and scan it on a computer to design the customized appliances. Follow up checkups will ensure that the aligners maintain its grip to achieve the best possible results. The aligners must also be used according to the instructions of the orthodontist.

Affordable Invisalign in Reading is available for patients who want to straighten their teeth. The good thing with aligners is you can eat anything during the course of treatment. Brushing and flossing, eating and drinking will not be a challenge because the clear aligners can be removed.