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Beach Fix At The Northern Beaches Of Cairns

August is the best time of the year for travelers to visit Cairns to be able to experience lots of sun with fewer school holiday crowds. Cairns is the perfect destination for those who want to escape the cold weather without spending a fortune. There is available transport from Cairns Airport to Cairns Northern Beaches that can be easily booked online.

If you want to experience lots of sun and stinger-free calm blue waters, you can book a few nights of stay to enjoy the tropical island instead of a day trip. One of the destinations that most locals consider as their favourite is Northern Beaches where nature reigns supreme. Cairns is more than just a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef; it has the charm of a stylish modern city.

You will feel very welcome and at home right away. It is also quite easy to get around because the CBD is just within walking distance.  However, do not be fooled by the small town vibe of Cairns because it has its own share of innovative eateries, trendy bars, stylish boutiques and galleries. The freshest local prawns and seafood are served along with one of the 50 types of whiskey available on the menu.

Since there is no beach in Cairns, your best option is the Northern Beaches that is 15 to 20 minutes away. There are superior swimming beaches with gorgeous coconut palms and casuarinas. Visit the Northern Beaches during August when the waters are stinger-free. However, there are stinger nets to ensure that swimmers are well protected during the jellyfish season.

If stinger is a an issue with you, Cairns has the Esplanade Swimming Lagoon, a popular destination for both tourists and locals who want to relax under the sun and enjoy a fun day by the waters. The lagoon is walking distance from your hotel or hostel. It is also an ideal spot for a family BBQ.

If you want to drive farther away from Cairns, there is Crystal Cascades or Stoney Falls where you will get the best nature experience. The swimming holes that are surrounded by a thick lush rain forest are 30 minutes away from Cairns.

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Useful Tips To Enjoy Your Holiday In Bangkok

There are many things that you should know before travelling to Thailand. Book your flight early including accommodations at the family hotel in Bangkok during peak season. Thailand is visited by millions of travellers of every year and it makes sense to choose a hotel that is near all the tourist destinations for your own convenience.

Westerners use their forks to eat almost everything with the exception of soups. In Thailand, use the spoon because it is considered crude to eat directly off a fork. However, you can use the fork to push food into the spoon.

Thais are friendly people. They are always smiling that is why Thailand is called “The Land of Smiles.” Thais are not embarrassed to strike a conversation with a foreign tourist. Do not be surprised if they offer information on the best places to visit in Bangkok.

Taxis are comfortable means of transportation but if you ride the tuk tuk, you will get a better view of the city. Riding the tuk tuk is more of a rare experience than a practical transport to go around the city. Fares vary according to the travel distance, time of day, traffic and the driver’s mood.

The most delicious mangoes can be found in Thailand. You can eat as much as you can of the bright yellow ripe fruit that is widely available during the summer season. The fruits are the favourite ingredient for ice creams, doughnuts and cakes.

Temples in Thailand are always included in the itinerary of visitors. Make sure though to cover the elbows and knees when visiting temples, monasteries and palaces. You can use a light-weight jacket or cover-up.

Public transportation like the BTS and MRT is the best option for cheap, convenient and fast travel. Their systems are efficient, the maps make sense, the token system is simple and the trains are very clean.

You can easily explore the city from the family hotel in Bangkok because it near public transportation. You can also ask the hotel for complimentary tuk tuk service if you are more adventurous. You can celebrate the evening at the poolside on the 19th floor or watch the beautiful sunset from the rooftop bar on the 26th floor.

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Tips On How To Save Money On Your Thailand Holiday

Thailand is a relatively inexpensive country for a vacation. Even if you stay at a 4 star hotel in Phuket, you won’t spend a fortune. You do not need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the island; a few tours here and there with most of the time spent on the beautiful beaches and you will enjoy a very memorable holiday.

In order to get the most value from your dollars in Thailand, live like a local. Taking the local bus is cheaper than taking a taxi or tuktuk. Experience the best of Thai cuisine in the streets instead of standard restaurants. Try the local beer at bars and not the expensive alcoholic drinks. Avoid the less touristy destinations on the island and save more money.

You can book your accommodations through hotel websites. Some offer discounts for early booking. However, refrain yourself from booking Thai cooking classes, zip lining, scuba diving or jungle trekking. Wait until you arrive in Thailand; travel agencies are everywhere and will help you book for tours with discounted rates.

When it comes to booking tours and activities, the general rule is the more you buy, the higher will be the discounts. Sign up together with friends or family so that you will enjoy bigger discounts. If you fail to negotiate with the first travel agent, move elsewhere until you find someone who will offer a cheaper price.

Most tourists who have experienced Thailand will tell you that the tastiest food can be found on the streets. A bowl of noodles is ridiculously cheap. Western food venues are generally more expensive than their local counterparts. Expect their prices to be higher because they have to import most of the ingredients. If you are looking for food adventure, try street food that is cooked by the locals; it is more delicious and definitely cheaper.

From the windows of the 4 star hotel in Phuket, you will get an amazing view of Patong Beach and the Andaman Sea. The hotel is 10 minutes walk away to nightlife and shopping adventures. The spacious rooms have traditional Thai-inspired and contemporary designs with air conditioning, private balcony and 24-hour room service.


Don’t Be A Victim Of Tourist Trap When Visiting Niagara Falls With These Tips

The very first documentation of Niagara Falls was way back in 1678. During those times, Niagara Falls boat ride is still nonexistent and there is no hydroelectric power drawing from the majestic falls. Centuries have passed and Niagara Falls have changed yet the beauty remained if not more majestic. This is currently the most well-know state park in the country with an estimated 30,000 million tourists visiting annually.

The first thing to consider when visiting Niagara Falls while driving is the parking space. Inside the state park, there is a parking area close to the visitor’s center that charges $10. In order to stop and admire the falls, a meter must be fed. If you are getting the Discovery Pass for your trip, it is worth parking at the Aquarium of Niagara. This is for free and there is a shuttle from the visitor’s centre. If you want to save from parking, there is a 10-storey building prior to the visitor centre where parking charges only $5.

Getting to the visitors center will give one the chance to choose among the experiences they want to try. There are those that are contented with just getting a photo of the view while others spend more for additional experience such the boat ride that will help tourists get a closer look at the falls. This will give you the chance to see the three falls up close. There is also the Cave of the Winds which costs $14 for a 30 minute exploration at the American Falls’ base. Adventure Theater is for $12, Aquarium of Niagara is $11 while Niagara Gorge Discovery Center costs $3.

Make sure you are prepared for the up close experience with the falls. Dress up appropriately so you avoid shivering from the cold and bring extra clothes in order to change as soon as the visit is over. It is inevitable to get wet during the Niagara Falls boat ride because this will give the tourists the chance to get as close to the falls as possible.


Why You Mus Have A Marquee Hire In Sydney For Your Wedding

You may choose to hire an excellent function room or venue in prestigious hotels and resorts in Sydney; or you may be out for a fabulous outdoor space and will need a marquee hire in Sydney for shelter. But what about a cold, windy or rainy day, will you be able to enjoy the event like weddings? Would it also work logistically, especially that you need to bring the ceremony inside?So even if you’re dancing amidst the stars, you can hire a marquee for comfort and peace of mind. Here is why you should opt for marquees for such joyous event:

  • Have a Plan B During Harsh Weather

Couples may choose to have an open-air wedding reception with dancing under the stars. Isn’t it romantic unless an unpredictable weather can change the outlook of the venue! However, you can continue to celebrate the event with your guests through a marquee hire in Sydney. Everyone should feel comfortable even after sunset.

  • Have Your Wedding as Special and Sentimental as It Can Be

Opting for a marquee hire in Sydney will have you the freedom to choose the places that are significant to you and your partner. You may have the wedding at your backyard, a favourite beach or the place where your fiancé asked you to marry him. The place can be special and sentimental that you want to hold your wedding on it. With a marquee reception, you’ll have your guests seated comfortably. It’s probably the best wedding to have for your entire life.

  • Beware of Unpredictable Winds

A beautiful sunny day can make up your wedding day. Wedding services may have installed gorgeous tables, chairs, ceremony furnishings and more. As a couple, you have opted for an open-air wedding with great dancing amidst the twinkling lights of the night sky. However, there is too much heat on midday and the staff has been sweating just to prepare your dinnerware, cutlery and glassware on the wedding tables.  Much more, the afternoons are windy, and the glasses start breaking as they are blown by the wind. However, if you have chosen a marquee hire in Sydney for such joyous occasion, you could have provided a shelter that will have everyone settled.

So, choose a marquee hire in Sydney to ensure that your wedding event will be as memorable and joyous as you want it to be.


Choosing Between An Outdoor And An Indoor Event

A unique solution for parties and events is dome hire in Brisbane with its unique and innovative design. For product launches and exhibits, the company logo can be printed on the dome cover and sidewalls. For a party, it would be easy enough to put décor inside and outside the dome. You have full control with the way you want the dome to look like to make it impressive to your guests.

If you are going to hold a party or an event outdoors, make sure that the weather conditions will not diminish the fun and excitement of your guests. Dome marquees are water-resistant and sturdy but they can be toppled by extremely strong winds. Remember that you are hiring a dome marquee as protection against the sunlight or the cool night breeze. Plan your outdoor event during the summer months when it is sunny and warm.

When you hold an event indoors, there are no weather concerns. Most venues have air conditioning or heating to ensure a controlled temperature. However, there is a maximum capacity due to safety and fire regulations. The number of guests is usually the issue in some venues that is why many opt for the outdoors with marquees as protection.

Indoor venues are not usually equipped to handle a large amount of cars. There are instances when guests have to park along the streets or in adjacent parking spaces. It is also frustrating for vendors when there is no space available to park their trucks. When you hold the event outdoors, it usually comes with unlimited parking.

During a favourable day, guests can enjoy the amazing view of the outdoors. Since you have control over the design of dome marquee, you can get inspiration from the natural beauty of the scenery. You can add seating outside the marquee for guests who prefer to enjoy the outdoors.

If you are considering an outdoor event, dome hire in Brisbane can assist you with lighting, décor planning, sound systems and tables and chairs. They can anticipate your every need and are willing to provide support to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

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Places To Eat At Koh Samet

As one would expect from an island destination, Koh Samet has quiet a few restaurants, aimed at making sure that travellers that enjoy their time in this tropical island don’t do so on empty stomach. If you’re looking for street food or an Italian grill in Rayong, Koh Samet’s solid dining scene has you covered, and the nightlife, despite regulations forcing them to close by 23:00, is still very much worth experiencing.

Here’s a peek at what Koh Samet’s food scene has in store, grouped by their location on the island.

Ao Noi Na

West of Nadan Pier is Kjeat’s Kitchen at the Sunrise Villas, which is the place to be for English breakfasts. Costing a mere 140 baht, the food here is served with high-end sausages and fresh coffee. For those looking for an Italian grill in Rayong, the food isn’t just British food, the menu being an eclectic mix of Thai, English and Italian food that’s served until 20:00 on a terrace.

A bit further out west, the German-owned Ban Pra Kai Kaew offers authentic German and European food, beers and wines, along with good food like hearty stodge like salami, bratwurst served with side dishes like potato soup, steak, schnitzel, and the like. Prices range from 100 to 300 baht, and the seaside beer garden is a fine spot to eat under a beach umbrella.

Samet Village

The largest and cheapest selection of food is here in the main drag of the village, with many options.Along the centre of the strip, several unnamed barbecue shacks sell wonderful street food, with whole fishes, squids, prawns and a wide, mouth watering range of  meats. Most of these are run by people from Northeast Thailand or Isaan, selling authentic style som tam, tam tuea (long bean salad) or nam tok (pork neck salad).

Featuring fairy lights, tasteful arts, and street side tables, Red Ginger, is a speakeasy eatery located at the heart of the village. Owned by a Canadian named Roger, who’s also a chef and bartender, the place offers quality cocktails and grills cooking large portions of pork medallions and spare ribs which people can enjoy with the house-made barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes and excellent broccoli salad.


Why It Is Worth The Time And Dollars To Visit Phuket

The lowest rates are possible if travellers will book directly through the website of private 5 star resort in Phuket because there is no middleman. In some instances, hotels offer special discounts and additional perks to guests. However, the stunning beauty of the island is guaranteed to be worth the visit.

Millions of tourists all over the world are attracted by the beautiful beaches and the stunning scenery of Phuket. Some critics say that Phuket is already over-developed and over-crowded. The island is quite big and there are secluded beaches that have little to no development at all. On the other hand, fun-loving tourists do not mind crowded breaches because it is where the action is. Others prefer the romantic getaways that are more private and tranquil.

Meanwhile, the beaches are not the only reason why tourists flock to Phuket. A huge draw is the culture of Thais that makes them very welcoming and friendly to foreign tourists. A good number of people consider Thai hospitality as the most important aspect of their holiday in Thailand.

Experienced travellers consider the Thai hotels to be second to none in the world. You will never experience snobbery or elitism because staffs are normally friendly and courteous. Phuket hotels have world-class facilities and amenities that you can enjoy for a more affordable price. The best value for your dollar can be gained in Thailand particularly with the delicious cuisine.

Thai food is well known in the world that is why tourists always consider Thailand as their next destination. The way that Thai food is cooked and served is totally different from the Thai cuisine promoted by restaurants in different countries. Visitors are guaranteed to enjoy superior spicing and flavours unique to Thai dishes. Phuket restaurants boast of the beaches and Andaman Sea as their perfect backdrop.

When you book at private 5 star resort in Phuket, you will have the opportunity to calm your mind in a peaceful surrounding. One of the experiences that you should not miss is the chocolate decadence that includes a 30-minute chocolate and oatmeal scrub with 60-minute vanilla aromatherapy body massage and complimentary 10-minute foot massage.


Reasons To Stay At Novatel In Patong

Whenever you want to a break from your usual routines especially if you’re someone who has been working for 9 hours, every single working day, for years, and you feel that you deserve a break, you should go ahead. Why? Every now and then, we should give our body the golden chance to regenerate itself especially if you’re already enduring the signs of wear and tear due to various reasons whether it’s aging or you’re probably pushing your body to the limits most of the time. You see, when you take a vacation, you take away your attention to the things that are usually stressing you on a daily basis. Now, if you need a nice place to say during your vacation, why not choose among the resorts in the town of Patong like Novatel in Patong where you will be able to enjoy an awesome accommodation experience you will never get elsewhere. For starters, the town of Patong is located in the beautiful beach island of Phuket which is one of Thailand’s crown jewels when it comes to tourist destinations. In fact, Phuket is even a famous island not just in the Asia Pacific Region but in the rest of the world and it’s one of the reasons why Thailand has been able record a new record in terms of tourist arrivals during the first 6 months of 2017 alone.

Now, if you’re wondering why you must choose to stay at a place like Novatel in Patong that can offer you more than just the normal bed and breakfast  type of resort, below are some of the reasons to do so:

  • When you opt to stay at a luxury hotel or resort, you are getting the best value for your money because services and amenities which you can use at this specific kind of resort is consistently of a high quality, every single time.
  • Most of the time, you will be able to take home free gifts every time you stay at a luxury resort. Stuff like towels, toiletry kits and other products are usually the kind of gifts that clients are able to receive. And let’s face it, it’s always fun to receive freebies, right?

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A Website Visitor’s Guide in Checking 5 Star Resort in Kata Beach

If you are planning to book in a 5 star resort in Kata beach, the first thing that you would probably do is visit a number of websites to help you find a nice resort where you can book your accommodation. There are several information that you can find in a website and it is important that you identify which of these information is relevant to you. To save time, here are some of the more important details that you should check in a resort’s website.

Rooms and accommodation

The rooms and accommodation tab provides vital information such the room types offered by the resort and the amenities that you can find therein. Aside from that, you will find the room rates and its inclusions such as complimentarybreakfast, shuttle service, parking and other services.

Restaurants and Bars

One of the things that would complete your holiday experience in a 5 star resort in Kata beach is the food and dishes served by their bars and restaurants. Read reviews and customer testimonials to determine if the resort offers sumptuous meals that you can feast on while on vacation.


Another thing to check is the amenities that will intensify your holiday experience in Kata beach. Find out if the resort has its swimming pools or a wellness and treatment spa for your relaxation and detoxification needs or if the resort has a fitness centre to support your health regimen. You can find this information by checking at the resort’s gallery or the specific tabs that contain hotel or resort features.

Offers and Promotions

There are different ways to lower your holiday expenses. You can enjoy the various tastes, luxury and comfort even if you book in a 5 star resort in Kata beach with limited budget. All you have to do is check the offers and promotions tab to find packages, special deals, discounted drinks or food and even free services. It is also in this tab where you can find guided tours and special classes that you can enrol to.