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How To Prevent Pests From Damaging An Establishment’s Reputation

Generally, pests like rodents and cockroaches are attracted to food establishments because they have everything that the pests need from food to water and shelter. Rodents and cockroaches are carriers of bacteria and viruses and food establishments require regular business exterminator services to ensure food safety and health.

Pests are most active at night and if you see a cockroach during the daytime, it means that there is an infestation. The most common hiding places of rodents and cockroaches are under electrical, heating and cooking appliances, under washing facilities, inside boxes, packaging materials and food storage containers, inside wall cavities, cracks and crevices and unused equipment.

Food Safety and Health Standards require food establishments to take all practical measures to prevent pests from entering the premises. Pests must be eradicated completely by maintaining the sanitation and the cleanliness of the food premises and equipment. All food must be kept in sealed containers.

All holes, gaps and cracks in the wall or ceiling must be sealed. Flyscreens must be installed and maintained on windows and doors. Doors must always be kept closed when not in use. It is also important to undertake regular inspections for signs of pests.

While the use of a licensed exterminator is not a legal requirement it is a practical measure to prevent and eradicate pests inside the premises. However, the licensed pest control provider must provide a list of pests and the areas that need treatment including the frequency of treatments. There must be written reports on the treatments undertaken including pest activities, chemicals used in extermination and suggestions provided to the owner

If chemicals or baits are used in pest control, they must be approved for use in food establishments and do not contaminate food and surfaces. Pest control providers must always clarify the work that needs to be done and what timeframe.

As soon as the business exterminator services identify a pest control issue, they will design an appropriate action plan to rectify the problem. Different pest control treatments may be initiated to ensure that the establishment is free from any kind of pests. Preventive measures will be recommended to control the pest problem and prevent it from recurring.


Home Improvement Pest Control Tips

How To Keep Your House Pest-Free

If you are one of those homeowners that hire pest control in Sydney, it is time to take matters into your hands and handle the root of the problem. It is not good to eliminate the pests alone but you should make sure that they don’t make a comeback. These pests can be bugs, rodents and insects and there are certain measures you can employ to keep them from invading your home. There are two things you should keep in mind – if there are no pets that thrive outside your property, there is a bigger chance that no pets will come inside and remove the elements that make pests consider your home as a good nesting place.

  • Doors and windows. This should be thoroughly inspected to make sure that there are no cracks and holes where the insects can pass through. If you have screens, replace them if there are any signs of tears. It is recommended to utilize screen meshes with a minimum of 200 holes for every square inch.
  • Eliminate the trash. There are many parts of the house where trash can be found such as decks, yards, garages and patios. Make sure to clean them, remove the weeds and throw out any standing water in the area. Trashcans around the house should have tight covers. Regular cleaning of the cans and surrounding area is recommended because spills attract pests.
  • Plants and mulch. If you have trees and plants that touches your home, trim them to eliminate bridges which the pests could use to enter the house. Pests love to nests in mulch including pine straw and wood chips so these should not be touching your house’s foundation and the mulch should be covered with either stones or rocks.
  • Drains found on the floor and sink can be attractive nests for pests because it often carries debris and gunk. All drains inside the house should be checked and cleaned regularly.
  • Stored foods. Once foods in packets and bags have already been opened, these should be stored inside sealed containers because these can attract pests. Make sure to use foods that are bought first and old ones should be thrown away.

According to a pest control in Sydney, the cleanliness of the house should be maintained to ensure that pests do not create a nest and it makes the house less attractive to these invaders.