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Tips On How To Choose A Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycles have become increasingly popular since the 1920’s. However, when riding a bike, the rider is exposed to different elements which require protective clothing. At the motorcycle clothing store in the UK, there is wide range of motorcycle gear to choose from for protection and safety.

Technologically advanced textiles have been introduced to the market as an option to the iconic leather motorcycle jacket. However, leather is unique and never goes out of style. Leather is often measured based on its thickness in ounces.

The California Highway Patrol wears a well known motorcycle jacket that is made from competition grade heavyweight leather that weighs approximately 3.5 ounces. Its thickness is 1.4 to 1.5mm. The durability of leather makes it an ideal material for motorcycle jackets to provide the wearer with personal protection. In normal circumstances, the leather jacket will not protect a rider from an armed assailant but it can resist abrasions, impact from a sharp object and burst strength.

When choosing a leather motorcycle jacket, thickness usually relates to weight and weight translates to the jacket’s ability to resist abrasions. A lightweight leather jacket is usually 1mm thick and can be worn over a shirt to save the hide during a slow ride. The general purpose weight of leather is 1.2mm. The extra thickness translates to longer abrasion resistance.

The heavyweight professional leather jacket that is often used in racing is usually 1.4mm thick and can provide the best slide times. However, this is merely a generalization because there are other factors to be considered like construction, stitching, tanning process and the finish.

Leather motorcycle clothing that includes the jacket, pants and one piece suits are usually subjected to destruction testing to determine their suitability. Look for the label CE or AS inside the leather jacket which are marks that they have passed testing for safety.

With warmer weather just around the corner, you can visit motorcycle clothing store in the UK for some lightweight protective gear that will ensure your comfort and safety. The lightweight full grade cowhide leather jacket with zip closing vents and anti-bacterial lining is deal for summer sports riding and touring.