A Brief History Of Illustrated Maps
There is no shortage of talent that creates beautiful illustrated maps. While the maps are drawn by hand, they are 100% digital. What does this mean? Interactive WebMap Service incorporates technology to the hand-drawn illustrative maps so that they can be modified, altered or updated for future use. Illustrated maps were very popular during the 1860’s until aerial photography was introduced to the world in 1920. Printing technology was also developed and created a market for portraits. The post-Civil War era was associated to economic growth and prosperity so that portraits of cities and town as they looked from above [...]
The Story Behind Bird’s Eye View Maps
Pictorial maps that are also known as bird’s eye view city map or map illustrations were popular in the United States from the 1920’s to 60’s These maps showed how vibrant the American culture was during those days. The pictorial maps were usually used to convince people to buy something like a tropical vacation, a version of the American dream or a bottle of bourbon. Companies used bird’s eye view maps on posters and brochures for advertising. Others were commissioned by state tourism boards and local chambers of commerce to attract visitors and businesses to the city. No matter how [...]
Let Illustrated Maps Find Your Way
Let us first define what illustrated maps are: These are current systems of competent and inspiring combinations of geography, architectural mastery, information and facts all designed properly to show directions. With this map, you can create an impression of the local community and the brand. So isn’t this great? The illustrated maps will help and guide a person significantly. I really had a great experience using it and I’ll enjoy talking it with you. In the previous year, I was looking for a decent place to call my home. However, with the working schedules I had, I didn’t have much [...]