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A Brief History Of Illustrated Maps

There is no shortage of talent that creates beautiful illustrated maps. While the maps are drawn by hand, they are 100% digital. What does this mean? Interactive WebMap Service incorporates technology to the hand-drawn illustrative maps so that they can be modified, altered or updated for future use.

Illustrated maps were very popular during the 1860’s until aerial photography was introduced to the world in 1920. Printing technology was also developed and created a market for portraits. The post-Civil War era was associated to economic growth and prosperity so that portraits of cities and town as they looked from above were very much in demand.

The first step in creating bird’s eye view map is to visit the city or village, walk around the streets and sketch the buildings. The sketches are assembled into a drawing of the city as it appears from the eyes of a bird. The illustrated maps were not generally drawn according to strict scale but they show street patterns, individual buildings and major features of the landscape.

Local residents wanted their cities to be presented as wealthy and thriving. To satisfy the clients, artists would draw smoke coming out of factory chimneys, ships sailing in the rivers and railroad engines hauling goods.

Clients expect accurate illustrated maps. The names of streets must be correct and buildings must be meticulously presented. Details were very crucial from the number of windows and doors to their placements in individual homes. In order to show the entire view of a city, the artist has to apply certain distortion of perspective. In most instances, smaller pictures of buildings were drawn with references printed at the bottom.

Once the illustrated map has been completed, it is printed and sold to local residents who are too happy to have their individual homes depicted. Meanwhile, companies used the bird’s eye view map to promote their business.

Today, illustrated maps are 100% digital although the artist still draws the view, buildings and landmarks by hand. Interactive WebMap Service uses several satellite imagery resources as well as mapping resources to create a fully illustrated 2D or 3D map the client will be proud to own.

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The Story Behind Bird’s Eye View Maps

Pictorial maps that are also known as bird’s eye view city map or map illustrations were popular in the United States from the 1920’s to 60’s These maps showed how vibrant the American culture was during those days. The pictorial maps were usually used to convince people to buy something like a tropical vacation, a version of the American dream or a bottle of bourbon.

Companies used bird’s eye view maps on posters and brochures for advertising. Others were commissioned by state tourism boards and local chambers of commerce to attract visitors and businesses to the city. No matter how the map is used, it always sparks an interest on far-off places and people.

Some of the bird’s eye view maps are geographically correct but most of them cannot be used by a geography student because they are not drawn according to strict scale. It is common for pictorial maps to sacrifice geography for the sake of simplicity or emphasize a point of view.

A certain kind of playfulness is typical in bird’s eye view maps for the sake of fun. The maps reflect pride in the community and the usual cheerful optimism of the American people, which is quite appealing. While pictorial maps are unsuitable for a geography student, many collect them because they reflect a city during a certain period of time.

According to Stephen Hornsby, a professor of geography at the University of Maine and author of the new book “Picturing America: The Golden Age of Pictorial Maps”, pictorial maps told the story of United States and how it emerged as a world power. The economy of the United States was revving and companies have lots of money to spend on advertising. Hand-drawn maps were lavishly illustrated with drawings to invite people to visit certain places like Elvis’ Graceland.

There is always a story behind every bird’s eye view city map from locations to landmarks that were lost due to property development. Maps show the differences between the city today and how it looked decades ago. This is the reason why bird’s eye view maps are not only used as marketing tools; they are subjects of many collections.

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Let Illustrated Maps Find Your Way

Let us first define what illustrated maps are: These are current systems of competent and inspiring combinations of geography, architectural mastery, information and facts all designed properly to show directions.

With this map, you can create an impression of the local community and the brand. So isn’t this great? The illustrated maps will help and guide a person significantly. I really had a great experience using it and I’ll enjoy talking it with you.

In the previous year, I was looking for a decent place to call my home. However, with the working schedules I had, I didn’t have much time to find various places. As a result, I asked many of my good friends to secure catalogues/ pamphlets of new ventures in their locality. I was able to gather various catalogues that showed me the same essential facts and information about the location. Everything was illustrated so clearly that an ordinary man can easily make up a decision.

It’s exactly what I did. I compared all the benefits and drawbacks and was able to create a wise decision. Today, I now have the best residential home in the best place. The reason for obtaining such offer was having the catalogues well-presented and added with features. The illustrated maps helped fix the model and described the factors so clearly.

It’s why the panoramic maps are now used in modern-day lives. They provide assistance whenever people need to find distinct destinations and places. It is even used to promote a company for advancement. You can see greatly the location maps printed in letter heads of huge companies.

Prospective buyers now have a good idea of the place. You can include it in warming and wedding cards where location maps are possibly printed on the back side.

If searching for a location, why not seek illustrated maps for directions. These can serve as a guide to find your way to a place where you want to go. If the maps don’t help you with this need, you can be misguided and will likely get lost in your way. Another thing is if you’re in a different country where language is a barrier. If you have these maps, you’ll find your way so easily.