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Expungement Of A DUI Conviction

There are situations wherein a person who was convicted of DUI was able to expunge the conviction from his criminal record through the help of a DUI lawyer. DUI has serious consequences that can harm a person’s life, career, or relationships. Once the state approves the expungement, the record will not appear in typical background checks with the exception of federal and state government checks.

A DUI conviction often occurs when a person is arrested by a police officer due to reasonable suspicion that he is either drunk or impaired while driving. If the prosecutor successfully proves the guilt, the person will face the necessary penalties like a suspension of the driver’s license, fines, jail time, and rehabilitation programs.

A driver is given only one chance to have DUI conviction expunged from his record.  To seek expungement of a DUI record, it is important for the lawyer to determine whether the person is eligible. The lawyer will check the current state where the driver is residing, the requirements for DUI expungement and if DUI remains to be a misdemeanour.

There are states where the charges of misdemeanour for DUI violations may be elevated to felony charges. It usually occurs because of the state requirements of the crime and other factors that include injury or death of another person and destruction to property. If the penalties are severe, the state may not allow the expungement of a felony conviction. The fact is, a DUI conviction may result in higher fines, rehabilitation programs, and prison time.

If DUI remains a misdemeanour, the lawyer will file a petition in court for the expungement of the DUI conviction from the criminal records. Working with a lawyer is generally crucial in the expungement of DUI conviction because he knows and understands the proper steps to undertake for his client.

A DUI offense is one of the most common criminal violations in North America. Most people who are accused of DUI know that they can count on to provide them with an experienced lawyer who will make sure that they are not convicted unfairly simply because of a police officer’s observations.

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What To Expect When You Are Charged With A Criminal Offense

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, it is very likely that you are wondering whether or not to hire a criminal lawyer. Every situation is different but there is always the same basic structure that is followed during court proceedings. Your best option is to call Donich Law that specializes in criminal defence law. A criminal lawyer will explain what will happen after you have been charged.

The court proceeding that occurs after your arrest is called arraignment. If you have not been arrested, you will receive a document called the summons where the date of arraignment is provided. During the arraignment, the presiding judge will set a bond, state the charges and ask whether you will enter a plea. Before deciding on how you want to plea, it is important to consult with a criminal lawyer.

The pre-trial conference involves the prosecutor who will discuss the case with you and your lawyer. A plea bargain may be proposed at this stage depending upon the circumstances of the case. The case can proceed to trial if no arrangement has been reached at this stage. Your lawyer will decide whether to file a motion to suppress or dismiss after the pre-trial conference with the prosecutor.

During the trial, the case will be tried by a judge or a jury. The jury is composed of persons called jurors who will convene to render an impartial verdict that will be officially submitted to the court. The actual penalty will be set by the judge.

For example, in the state of Connecticut, all misdemeanors and non-class A felonies will require 6 jurors. Cases involving capital offenses and crimes that could result to life imprisonment are tried with 12 jurors. Class A felonies only require a panel composed of 3 jurors.

It is difficult to navigate the criminal justice system on your own. Your best option is Donich Law that has a team of hard-working and dedicated lawyers who can provide excellent legal services and results. They can be trusted to defend complex criminal offenses and have discreetly settled matters to save time, stress and money.

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How To Find A Criminal Lawyer You Can Comfortably Work With

It is very likely that there are hundreds of lawyers in your state but in spite of their numbers, it can be difficult to find a lawyer that will suit your requirements. When looking for a lawyer, the first consideration will be the area of law they specialize in. You certainly won’t hire a criminal lawyer if you are planning to file a divorce.

if you are arrested for a crime, your best option is to call a criminal lawyer who has experience on the specific crime that you are accused of. Before making a decision, it is important to determine how much experience the lawyer has had in handling criminal cases. You can review the law firm’s website for testimonials but it would be great to hear the personal recommendations of previous clients.

Each court has its own procedures and staff which a lawyer must be familiar with. If would be advantageous on your part to hire a lawyer who is familiar with the local court and how the judges and prosecutors operate.

Criminal defense can be very complicated. When searching for a law firm, try to find out whether you will be working with several experienced lawyers or a specific lawyer. When there are multiple lawyers working for a law firm, they usually work together to plan for your defense. A criminal defense lawyer who is working alone or with one partner may not be able to strategize as well as a group of experienced lawyers.

You certainly want a lawyer who is responsive to your needs and who understands the stress you are going through. Your initial call to the law firm will be an indication of the kind of communication you can expect from the lawyer. It would be easier to communicate with a lawyer who will not hesitate to provide you with his contact numbers and email address.

You can call on behalf of a loved one who has been accused of a crime. The freedom of your loved one is on the line so you need to know whether the lawyer is capable of defending him. Feel free to call before making an informed decision.

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The Pandemic Won’t Save Drivers From DUI Arrests

There are people who assume that they won’t be arrested for DUI because there is a pandemic. Not only will you be arrested; you will require the services of a DUI lawyer to provide result-oriented legal representation. Even if courts are closed, hearings can take place through video conferencing.

Many towns and cities across the world have implemented stay-at-home orders except during emergency circumstances where people are allowed to go out. This means that people have to self-quarantine to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, DUI enforcement is still underway in some states. Even if the streets are empty, police officers can still charge you with DUI once they have enough evidence.

If a police officer asks you to pull over because you are violating stay-at-home guidelines, the officer can determine whether you are driving under the influence of alcohol. You can be arrested on the spot. If you are convicted of DUI, prepare for fines, jail time and other penalties.

There are legal intoxication limits of 0.08% for drivers. If you are found to have blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or more, it is introduced to the court as evidence of intoxication. In some states, if the driver has BAC of 0.16% or higher, he can be charged with aggravated DWI that has harsher penalties when convicted.

Drivers under 21 years old that have positive BAC can be convicted with DWI. There is zero tolerance policy for underage drivers and potential penalties are quite high. The simple fact that you are operating a vehicle means that you automatically consent to blood, breath and/or urine testing to determine whether you are guilty of DUI. Test refusal and other aggravating circumstances can increase the penalties for the offense.

If you are charged with DUI, you can call the DUI lawyer for legal assistance. The lawyer will investigate the circumstances of your arrest including all evidence gathered by the police. Your rights will be protected and you will gain assistance in your legal defence. You can call for free consultation and information on how the lawyer can help you.


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3 Things To Consider In Hiring A Shoplifting Lawyer

There are a lot of lawyers that you can find on the internet or you can also seek referral from friends or family when you need legal assistance especially on matters of theft, robbery and other crimes. You will surely get a lot of law firms on the search engine results page, such as or a number of recommendations from your family. Coming up with a decision can become daunting. However, you can easily spot a reliable shoplifting lawyer by looking at the following points.

Legal crime expertise

You definitely would want to hire an expert in criminal law if you want to get favorable result. This will ensure that you will not waste your time and money including the golden opportunity to get acquitted from a crime you may or may have committed. While it is good to hire a lawyer with several field expertise it would be better if you will hire one who specializes on criminal law or whatever field of legal requirement you may require. This way, you can be sure that the lawyer has dedicated expertise on the matter. Hire a shoplifting lawyer who has advanced education and doctorate on criminal law and related policies.

Qualifications and years of experience

Another important detail to consider when choosing a criminal lawyer is his or her qualifications and experience in the field. Canadian law and policies can be complicated and it is essential that you hire a lawyer who has been in the legal field for a considerable number of years. This means that the lawyer has already gained experience and knows how to handle criminal cases expertly. If you are not a Canadian resident, consider hiring a multi-lingual lawyer who can effectively communicate with you.

Professional service delivery

Hire a shoplifting lawyer who will make you feel more like a friend rather than a person who is merely there to provide legal assistance. You will be talking with the lawyer several times so it is important that you feel at ease with him while maintaining a professional relationship. Read client testimonials to know more about the service delivery of your target lawyer.

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More Women In Criminal Law Are Quitting Their Practice

The environment of criminal law has not been kind to its women lawyers. Anecdotally, it is believed that women do not last long in the practice of criminal law due to the many challenges they face in the system. It was not until a report presented by the Criminal Lawyers’ Association or CLA that this anecdote became facts.


In an Ontario conference run by the CLA, it was revealed that an alarming rate of women are quitting their criminal law practice. The report is based on the study made by University of Toronto postgraduate research fellow Natasha Madon and University of Toronto professor emeritus of criminology Anthony Doob.


According to the study, a woman who is a criminal lawyer in Toronto and other parts of the country suffer from low pay and lack of benefits. This is compounded by a lack of respect that translates to a difference in treatment as compared to their male counterparts. Surveys and study groups presented the specific numbers that past the 5-year mark, many women have already quit their practice and past 10 years, there were only a few remaining. In 1996, there were 47 women practicing criminal law. By 2005, only 13 of them were left.


Criminal law in itself is already a demanding field for any gender, but with the inequity in pay, benefits, and treatment, women find that it is not worth the struggle to maintain along with the challenges of family and children. Many women lawyers opt to work government or for the Crown prosecution instead. In those positions, the work hours, compensation, and benefits are much better. There are some solutions in place and under consideration, such as a system for a much-needed maternity leave support, a more stream-lined court process for better work hours and schedules, and sensitivity training for the many actors within the legal system.


A woman criminal lawyer in Toronto and in the rest of the country must be able to practice law with the proper support from the system. It is important that the court system is able to have appropriate representation of both genders. As a reflection of society, the court system must be able to exhibit this representation to ensure that those who exercise justice is as diverse as society.