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Beach Fix At The Northern Beaches Of Cairns

August is the best time of the year for travelers to visit Cairns to be able to experience lots of sun with fewer school holiday crowds. Cairns is the perfect destination for those who want to escape the cold weather without spending a fortune. There is available transport from Cairns Airport to Cairns Northern Beaches that can be easily booked online.

If you want to experience lots of sun and stinger-free calm blue waters, you can book a few nights of stay to enjoy the tropical island instead of a day trip. One of the destinations that most locals consider as their favourite is Northern Beaches where nature reigns supreme. Cairns is more than just a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef; it has the charm of a stylish modern city.

You will feel very welcome and at home right away. It is also quite easy to get around because the CBD is just within walking distance.  However, do not be fooled by the small town vibe of Cairns because it has its own share of innovative eateries, trendy bars, stylish boutiques and galleries. The freshest local prawns and seafood are served along with one of the 50 types of whiskey available on the menu.

Since there is no beach in Cairns, your best option is the Northern Beaches that is 15 to 20 minutes away. There are superior swimming beaches with gorgeous coconut palms and casuarinas. Visit the Northern Beaches during August when the waters are stinger-free. However, there are stinger nets to ensure that swimmers are well protected during the jellyfish season.

If stinger is a an issue with you, Cairns has the Esplanade Swimming Lagoon, a popular destination for both tourists and locals who want to relax under the sun and enjoy a fun day by the waters. The lagoon is walking distance from your hotel or hostel. It is also an ideal spot for a family BBQ.

If you want to drive farther away from Cairns, there is Crystal Cascades or Stoney Falls where you will get the best nature experience. The swimming holes that are surrounded by a thick lush rain forest are 30 minutes away from Cairns.

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3 Crucial Factors That Influence The CAD Forecast

Canada is an open economy and is an attractive investment destination for global investors. It is one of the largest trade partners of the US and a commodity based economy. However, Canada has a floating exchange rate policy that exposes foreign investors to many foreign exchange risks. Understanding the factors that affect the CAD rate will help businesses to devise a strong risk management strategy for business, which trade with Canada or have investments in Canada.

I have compiled a list of some factors that influence the CAD forecast.

  1. Oil Prices

Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world and is the sixth largest producer of oil. Crude oil constitutes 10% of total exports of the country in value. It is the second most exported product from Canada, next to automobiles. Canadian dollar is known as a petrocurrency, since its value depends on the rise and fall of the prices of petroleum products in the international markets. Since the petroleum products are traded in US Dollars, the UAS/CAD rate is proportional to the rise and fall of international petroleum prices.

  1. Effects of US Economy

Canada is the largest trade partner of the US and hence the state of US economy affects the CAD forecast. Any changes in the monetary and fiscal policies of the US impacts the CAD. As per the bank of Canada, higher interest rates in Canada has positive impact of the CAD whereas lower interest rates in the US tend to weaken the Loonie.

  1. Global Economy at large

Canadian economy is a commodity based economy. It exports commodities such as wood, paper, petroleum products, automobiles etc. The state of global economy hence plays a significant role in the CAD forecast. Any weakness in the global economy or trade disputes between nations that disrupt the global economy affect the rate of the CAD. This phenomenon can be clearly observed in the current scenario, where the CAD benefitted by the Brexit deal and the resolution of trade disputes between US and China. Both these incidents has a positive effect on the global economy and hence also contributed to the strengthening of the CAD.

Oil prices, state of US economy and the state of global economy at large have a significant role to play in the CAD forecast. Businesses must consider all these factors to devise foreign exchange risk mitigation strategies while dealing with Canadian economy.

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Useful Tips To Enjoy Your Holiday In Bangkok

There are many things that you should know before travelling to Thailand. Book your flight early including accommodations at the family hotel in Bangkok during peak season. Thailand is visited by millions of travellers of every year and it makes sense to choose a hotel that is near all the tourist destinations for your own convenience.

Westerners use their forks to eat almost everything with the exception of soups. In Thailand, use the spoon because it is considered crude to eat directly off a fork. However, you can use the fork to push food into the spoon.

Thais are friendly people. They are always smiling that is why Thailand is called “The Land of Smiles.” Thais are not embarrassed to strike a conversation with a foreign tourist. Do not be surprised if they offer information on the best places to visit in Bangkok.

Taxis are comfortable means of transportation but if you ride the tuk tuk, you will get a better view of the city. Riding the tuk tuk is more of a rare experience than a practical transport to go around the city. Fares vary according to the travel distance, time of day, traffic and the driver’s mood.

The most delicious mangoes can be found in Thailand. You can eat as much as you can of the bright yellow ripe fruit that is widely available during the summer season. The fruits are the favourite ingredient for ice creams, doughnuts and cakes.

Temples in Thailand are always included in the itinerary of visitors. Make sure though to cover the elbows and knees when visiting temples, monasteries and palaces. You can use a light-weight jacket or cover-up.

Public transportation like the BTS and MRT is the best option for cheap, convenient and fast travel. Their systems are efficient, the maps make sense, the token system is simple and the trains are very clean.

You can easily explore the city from the family hotel in Bangkok because it near public transportation. You can also ask the hotel for complimentary tuk tuk service if you are more adventurous. You can celebrate the evening at the poolside on the 19th floor or watch the beautiful sunset from the rooftop bar on the 26th floor.

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Considerations Before Booking A 4-Star Hotel

When traveling to a place you are not familiar with, looking for a hotel to stay in is a challenge. It requires some important factors that will point you to the best option. So the question is, how should a good 4-star hotel look like?

  • A 4-star hotel that cares about their customers ensures warm, genuine services. You might have noticed that some hotel receptionists only give out a warm smile to those who get the most expensive rooms. As a paying guest, this is far from what you deserve. An important characteristic of a 4 star hotel in Phuket is that its staff give a warm welcome, regardless of what room you are booking. This kind of employees are hospitable not because of their salary but of their natural character. You will notice this based on their behaviour especially when they talk about their hotel deals.
  • As a first time customer, being offered with honest information is also an indication that you are at the right hotel. While you can always ask of the things you want to know about their offers, staff should never forget to inform you the important details. They should also be reliable when it comes to the best tourism sites.
  • Your safety and security is another thing that a 4 star hotel in Phuket that should be prioritized. See to it that you are offered with extra assistance in case of emergency. Some people will not allow you to use a room that is not prepared when other rooms are not yet available. Thus, choose one that will help you in booking at another hotel nearby.This is very important especially if you are traveling to a place where you do not know anybody.
  • If you want a convenient hotel, go for one that is located around places that you may need to visit, such as restaurants, stores, malls, etc. Take note though that a more convenient hotel also means it is more expensive. But if it will make your travel easier and you can access more attractions, then it might be a better option to pay more.

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Tips On How To Save Money On Your Thailand Holiday

Thailand is a relatively inexpensive country for a vacation. Even if you stay at a 4 star hotel in Phuket, you won’t spend a fortune. You do not need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the island; a few tours here and there with most of the time spent on the beautiful beaches and you will enjoy a very memorable holiday.

In order to get the most value from your dollars in Thailand, live like a local. Taking the local bus is cheaper than taking a taxi or tuktuk. Experience the best of Thai cuisine in the streets instead of standard restaurants. Try the local beer at bars and not the expensive alcoholic drinks. Avoid the less touristy destinations on the island and save more money.

You can book your accommodations through hotel websites. Some offer discounts for early booking. However, refrain yourself from booking Thai cooking classes, zip lining, scuba diving or jungle trekking. Wait until you arrive in Thailand; travel agencies are everywhere and will help you book for tours with discounted rates.

When it comes to booking tours and activities, the general rule is the more you buy, the higher will be the discounts. Sign up together with friends or family so that you will enjoy bigger discounts. If you fail to negotiate with the first travel agent, move elsewhere until you find someone who will offer a cheaper price.

Most tourists who have experienced Thailand will tell you that the tastiest food can be found on the streets. A bowl of noodles is ridiculously cheap. Western food venues are generally more expensive than their local counterparts. Expect their prices to be higher because they have to import most of the ingredients. If you are looking for food adventure, try street food that is cooked by the locals; it is more delicious and definitely cheaper.

From the windows of the 4 star hotel in Phuket, you will get an amazing view of Patong Beach and the Andaman Sea. The hotel is 10 minutes walk away to nightlife and shopping adventures. The spacious rooms have traditional Thai-inspired and contemporary designs with air conditioning, private balcony and 24-hour room service.

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Make Solitaire Hotel Your Option for a Bangkok Accommodation

Solitaire Bangkok Hotel is at the heart of Sukhumvit, where you have access to the BTS Skytrain station. You’ll just have to walk from the hotel towards the BTS if you’re planning to see other areas of the city. To ensure that you have made the right choice of a Sukhumvit hotel, like the Solitaire Hotel, you need to check travel sites to give you information. The benefits for choosing this hotel among the many options here in Bangkok is the convenience, comfort and accessibility it will provide its guests.

Checking out the rooms and suites of the Solitaire Hotel will make you feel you are home away from home. They have all the things that you need that make you comfortable and relaxed with the space. The room itself are furnished with a large king-sized bed to enjoy a good night sleep; flat-screen TV to watch your favourite shows; free Wi-Fi to be accessible to your loved ones anywhere in the world; and, natural sunlight where you can peep through your windows. Room service will also come right at your need if you require anything.

The Sukhumvit hotel is also proud of its bars and restaurants where guests are offered world-class service with a variety of international and local cuisines, beverages, wines and cocktails. Aside from coming to Bangkok for vacation or business trip, you can choose to party and spend your happy hours elegantly at their bars and pubs. You don’t have to leave the facility if you want to enjoy your stay in this hotel. You’ll just need to make an arrangement with a hotel staff and they’ll gladly help you with this need.

If you’re out for a vibrant and interesting nightlife, Solitaire Hotel is conveniently located near Soi Nana and Soi Cowboy. Now, this is where the fun and excitement is. You’ll get rowdy with the lovely ladies entertaining their guests at bars and clubs. You can also reach the Chatuchak market to haggle with some merchandise, or you’ll be shopping at the Siam Centre. If you like to have treatments at the Bumrungrad hospital, the hotel’s free shuttle service can take you there in minutes.

There are so many things to do when you’re booked at the Solitaire Hotel – here you’ll surely make memories and come back for more.


Travel Tips For Myanmar

If you’re going to go somewhere, common sense dictates that you know a bit about the place you’re going to before staying there. If you’ve booked a hotel in Myanmar, you’ll want to read up on what to do when you’re there.

Here’s some tips to help out.

Travel now

UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites are great for protecting key places across the world, but that’ll also mean you can’t see Myanmar’s famous Bagan pagodas from up close. The country at large is also rapidly changing, so everything feels dynamic and alive, really worth visiting.

Book in advance

If you’re going to book a hotel in Myanmar during the high season, you’ll definitely want to book your  hotel room ahead of time. High season sellouts are pretty much expected in Myanmar, so you’ll want to book a couple of weeks ahead; doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or a luxury traveller, you’ll want to book in advance.

Wake up early

Myanmar, for the most part, does have a nightlife. But if you’re in Bagan, then early morning is the time you want to be active. The sunrises there are picturesque, especially with all the balloons flying high in the sky. On the flipside, the area doesn’t have much of a nightlife, giving you incentive to hit the hay early.

Avoid the night buses, unless you’re feeling brave

Night buses are quite common because they save up on a night’s worth of accommodation, and you also don’t spend a whole day travelling. Sounds appealing, right? Well, the roads in Myanmar, admittedly, can be a bit rough and windy, which means that if the bus driver is a bit of a daredevil, it’ll be a bit bumpy.

On top of that, most night buses arrive at their destinations between 3am and 5am, with most hotels not allowing check-ins until 2pm, which means that you’ll be stuck there awake with your bags the whole time.

Use local currency

This one doesn’t just apply to Myanmar, but to every new place you’re visiting. While some shops do accept USD for transactions, most of them opt for the local currency; kyat, for Myanmar. On top of that, most of them won’t give you rates as good as currency exchange, which means that you’ll end up losing money. Have some USD in case you run short, but, whenever possible, opt for the local money.


Choosing The Best Hotel In Sukhumvit 11 As Our Favourite Area In Bangkok

Being a popular tourist destination, you’ll find plenty of hotels and places to stay in Bangkok for all budgets. It may even sound overwhelming when you need to choose the best hotel in Sukhumvit 11, as you’ll find many options available.

If you have spent more time in Bangkok, you’ll find the Sukhumvit 11 as one of your favourite areas and accommodations. The city areas are different from each other; and you can experience advantages and disadvantages, when you prefer to stay in the best hotel in Sukhumvit 11 for your accommodation. How you will enjoy Bangkok will start with the type of accommodation you have chosen.

Bangkok covers 1600 square kilometres, where eight million people populate the areas. It is one of the largest and most vivacious cities in Southeast Asia. You’ll want to consider it your favourite city in the entire world, and it really feels like it’s home away from home.

You’ll learn to love Bangkok due to its energy; the gorgeous and friendly people; and, the scrumptious and healthy food. Also called as the “City of Angels”, it has it all from world-class shopping centres to inexpensive markets, amazing ancient temples and monuments; and from first-rated dining to street food. There are certainly no dull moments once you hit the busy streets of this city.

Where to Stay in Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok

Whether it’s your first time or have been to this city many times, you’ll always like to find the best hotel in Sukhumvit 11 for your accommodation. Thorough research before you head on to the city will provide you the best options for anaccommodation to stay in Bangkok.

For most people, the perfect accommodation will need a big space, where you can move freely, keep your luggage in cabinets, and have room for office work or some vlogging. You’ll also want a huge, comfortable bed where you can sleep soundly at night, free from possible noise or traffic jams from the outside. When you wake up, you’ll want to work out in a gym or soak in a swimming pool, before you head on touring the entire Bangkok. You’ll also want a nice restaurant to enjoy great food and just walk a little further for public transport.


When You Desire A Peaceful Vacation, Go To Rayong

Are you on the process of booking for a holiday in Thailand? It is very likely that aside from Bangkok, you would like to visit the famous beaches of Phuket and Pattaya. You have a better option in Rayong that has a more peaceful beach atmosphere than Pattaya. Your perfect base will be holiday inn hotel in Rayong if you want to do a little sightseeing and shopping.

Rayong feels like it is a world apart from busy Bangkok because there is that pleasant local atmosphere. On the way to the beach, it is very likely to meet some local Thai families and backpackers that prefer a place that is not crowded by tourists. Most urbanites from Bangkok drive to Rayong for a breath of clean fresh air, a great seafood lunch and the opportunity to sunbathe or swim.

Aside from the calm waters that are inviting you to relax, Rayong has other attractions that include restaurants, nightlife and markets. There is no shortage of mouth-watering seafood in Rayong restaurants that are situated close to the beaches. Usually, there is an outdoor deck that juts into the water so that you can enjoy a great view while dining on freshly cooked crabs, prawns and the all time favourite sea bass with lime ginger sauce.

Rayong is more famous for its translucent blue seas than nightlife; however, it does not mean that you will not enjoy a taste of nightlife. In the one kilometreRatbamrung Road that runs parallel to the main Sukhumvit highway, you will find a row of pubs, bars and nightclubs.

Rayong is also one of the best places to buy souvenirs for family and friends back home. You can choose from a wide range of fresh and dried tropical fruits. Local vendors sell an assortment of handmade crystal ornaments, seashell souvenirs, purses, bag and hats.

If you want to stay connected to your family and friends back home, your best option is holiday inn hotel in Rayong that offers high-speed internet access. If you do not want to go out and enjoy the beach, the hotel has a rooftop pool where you can relax.


Reasons To Stay At The Bangkok Boutique Hotel In Sukhumvit

Bangkok is famous worldwide for its popular shopping destinations and colourful nightlife. Sukhumvit is a popular locality in Bangkok that is a busy business area at day and turns into a party hot spot at night. The area has a number of up class clubs and classy pubs that welcome clients until late midnight.

I usually prefer to stay in Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit and enjoy the famous nightlife at the area. The pubs and bars in the various soi’s offer unique clubbing experience to the visitors. Most of the cool pubs are open to the wee hours of the night and provide guests with the choicest cocktails and wines.

The Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit boasts of the coolest rooftop bar in town. The rooftop bar provides stunning views of the city’s landscape. Guests can enjoy the best cocktails along with delicious international menu at the trendy bar. The in –house bar at the hotel helps the guests to avoid crowded bars on the streets and have a great time at the classy bar. The hip bar is famous with tourists as well as the locals, who frequent it during the weekends.

Sukhumvit also has a selection of upscale restaurants to have a quiet dinner with friends. The top rated restaurants in Sukhumvit serve Thai, Lebanese and Indian food. The classy restaurants provide the perfect ambience to enjoy the delicious food prepared by top chefs. The luxurious Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit also has a top-notch restaurant at the ground floor. The restaurant serves Thai delicacies as well as European favourites on its menu.

Tourists who prefer to taste the street food of Bangkok can head out to the street food markets in Bangkok. Sukhumvit is close to the many popular street food markets in the city. Stay at the popular boutique hotel in Sukhumvit and stroll to the popular street food destinations like the Sukhumvit 38, which is a hub for the best street food.

I prefer to stay at the Bangkok boutique hotel in Sukhumvit because of its proximity to the various cool pubs and restaurants in the city. The hotel is also well connected to the mass transit stations which makes visiting other areas of the city easier.

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Where To Stay When In Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand with a number of popular areas including Sukhumvit, Siam, Pratunam, Silom, Chinatown, Old City also known as Khaosan and Riverside. The most famous district by far is Sukhumvit but it is also known for is exclusivity. If you are planning to shop and eat when in Bangkok, it is recommended to book a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit so you can be in the center of it all. For shopping malls, there are many options such as EmQuartier, Terminal 21 and Emporium. This is also ideal for those who want to experience the nightlife of Bangkok because there are many places to check out like Levels Club & Lounge as well as Soi Cowboy.

Siam is second on the list and is the shopping have for tourists and locals alike. There are many shopping malls within the area including Siam Paragon, Siam Center and MBK. There are attractions in the area such as Playhouse Theatre, Erawan Shrine and Madame Tussauds while there are also good for the whole family like Kidzania and Siam Ocean World.

For those who want to experience the biggest market in Bangkok, the Pratunam Market, it is best to find accommodations near or within Pratunam. There are wholesale malls to visit as well like Indra Square and The Platinum Fashion Mall. Baiyoke Tower is also worth visiting because it will give you the best view of the city as it stands 340 meters high and on its 75th floor there is a floating market. For tech nerds, there is the Pantip Plaza IT Mall as it houses all electronic products.

Silom is known as the Central Business District and visiting this area you will see individuals wearing office suits everywhere. The beauty comes out at night as it becomes a food haven and the popular night market in Patpong comes to life as well as the red light districts.

A country is not complete without their version of Chinatown. This is also true for Bangkok. Though may are geared towards a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, there are those that also prefer to be near Chinatown for many reasons such as the culture, food and attraction.

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Pick A City View Hotel In Sukhumvit

Are you planning a trip to Bangkok? Perhaps you want to stay in a city view hotel in Sukhumvit, where everything is accessible – from shopping, sightseeing, adventure and dining. You will surely make an enjoyable experience while vacationing in this part of Thailand. Below, you will find Thailand hotel deals, which can guarantee an exciting trip.

First on the list of marvellous hotels in Thailand is the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, which is a five-star hotel situated in the heart of the city. It’s a lucky member of the Luxury Collection in Thailand. Room rates begin at around $200, which can go high, depending on your room choice. It is complete with amenities and facilities that make your stay in this city view hotel in Sukhumvit a rewarding and worthwhile one.

Next is the Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok in Bangrak. It is right at the centre of the busy commercial streets of the city. It has been consistently voted as one of Thailand’s best hotels. Guests can surely enjoy utmost relaxation with its exquisitely designed rooms. Also, the shopping districts and malls are found near the proximity of the hotel. You will also want to go sightseeing using the BTS Skytrain and MRT Train stations.

The third on the list is the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel and Tower. It’s a five-star hotel in Bangkok with very inexpensive rates. You can book yourself in a room for as low as $100. However, cheap price may not mean cheap services and amenities. It has a world-calls swimming pool, tennis court, massage centres, Jacuzzi, restaurants and more. What makes this city view hotel in Sukhumvit great is having a scenic view of the Chao Phraya river, which is best seen at night.

There is still an epitome of great hotels in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. You should also try checking the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok, which has always been a traveller’s favourite. Most guests find themselves staying more in the hotel than wondering the marvellous sites of Bangkok. There are sometimes cultural presentations staged in the hotel every now and then. You will also love to taste local Thai and international cuisines from its restaurants, or venture into cooking lessons with world-renowned chefs.