The Evolution Of The Funeral Industry In The United States

It is very likely that your knowledge about funeral services in Sydney is limited to attending the last rites of a relative or friend who has passed away. People do not normally talk about death and funerals; in some parts of the world, the subject is taboo. However, have you ever wondered how the funeral industry came to be?

In the United States the funeral industry is relatively new. It was during the 20th century when families, neighbours and friends organized funerals for a deceased love one. The remains used to be buried on family property until such time that communities grew and required common cemeteries. Funeral providers were established later on to take care of logistical problems.

The responsibility of arranging funerals became the job of the undertaker. Many of the undertakers back them were furniture makers who were tasked to create wooden caskets. Undertaking became a secondary business instead of primary profession.

Embalming was already common practice for Egyptians when the United States started to embalm the bodies of dead soldiers for the trip back to the homeland. Undertaking soon became a real profession when the demand for embalming increased. Undertakers had to learn the proper skills required for the job.

In the 1950’s, there were only 700 casket makers in the United States. During those times, 50% of caskets were made from cloth-covered cardboards or wood. When metal caskets were introduced to the market, it became a better option for families. However, metal caskets required a more complex manufacturing process which led to the consolidation of casket manufacturers.

In recent years, the funeral industry has become competitive with the emergence of large corporations that market themselves as a cheaper alternative to the small family-owned funeral providers. Funeral directors became part of the specialized service that aims to establish a more friendly relationship with consumers.

Respect is the heart of the funeral services in Sydney that has had many years of experience in honouring those who have passed away. During the most trying times for a family, the funeral director ensures that there is an appropriate atmosphere where families and friends can grieve in privacy.