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How To Stay Dry And Comfortable In The Summer Heat

If you are wearing a button-down, it is important to be free from sweat stains. Numi’s nude undershirt has patented technology that absorbs underarm perspiration. The underarm part of the undershirt includes sweat-wicking material that ensures that moisture will be stopped from showing through the top. It is incredibly soft and can be paired with any kind of shirt or blouse.

Summer is the time of year when people worry about sweat stains. It is difficult to choose outfits that can withstand heat and humidity in public transport and hot offices. Nobody wants to be seen drenched with sweat with huge blotches on the underarms. The problem becomes worse for those who sweat excessively.

According to stylists, there is a 2-step approach for dressing if you sweat excessively. The first step is to find clothing that will keep you cool and prevent sweating. The second step is to minimize that appearance of sweat which you cannot avoid. If the weather is extremely hot, it can be difficult for a person not to sweat.

There are breathable fabrics like linen, cotton and silk. Natural fibers allow the skin to get of rid perspiration instead of condensing it inside and turning into a puddle. There are undershirts with anti-sweat pads on the armpit to absorb sweat and prevent it from seeping on the top. The extra thickness on the underarms is comfortable enough to keep you dry all day.

Another option is to wear breezy, flowy dresses that do not cling to the body. It is super chic and perfect for summer. Even if you sweat excessively, the fabric will not be affected. Choose a fabric that is lightweight and soft and works perfectly for a day at the beach or a dinner date. You can easily put a sweater over it once the night becomes a little bit colder.

The good thing with nude undershirt is the range of colors available to suit every complexion and skin tone. The seamless design makes it undetectable under your outfit. The reversible neckline allows you to wear the undershirt as scoop neck or crew neck for extra versatility. The undershirts are ethically manufactured in Toronto, Canada.



Enjoying Parties At Christmas In July

Christmas in December is the perfect time to rejoice and celebrate with your very many special loved ones. Here you celebrate the birth of the Lord with love and goodies. Whether you are in Australia or New Zealand visiting the city this Christmas season, you’ll surely enjoy all the fun around. The festivities will be celebrated with food and entertainment, and you can share it with your friends and family. And this is the same way Christmas in July is celebrated, but more on the promotion side of every retail business.

The festivity is becoming more popular in some countries especially that as early as July Christmas is celebrated. Here, you will be with your friends, colleagues and family where you can do a lot of things at this time of the year. You can start planning a party at a specific date in July for everyone. If you’re out for a lush party zone, you will want to celebrate it all night of July 24th. Even if you’re planning a private party at home, the things you can do are endless. You can also choose a party venue to commemorate Christmas in July with a bang.

If you’re planning a corporate party, you will find plenty of options around the city, which will depend on the size of your guest list. Or if you want you can book your private party in a venue that is far away from a large crowd. The point here is to know the type of party or location you prefer for your guests and also with your budget. Besides, you need to know their taste and preference so you can customize the party. Just like celebrating Christmas in December, Christmas in July is no different to such occasion. You’ll be experiencing Christmas with all the food and merrymaking you experience in the Yuletide season.

As Christmas in July is much celebrated in countries like Australia, they want to feel how it is spent during the cold season. So if you’re celebrating it with a number of people, ensure that you customize the theme of the party just like what you do in December. So gather your friends and loved ones into a party that is celebrated anytime in July.

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3 Tips To Save On Sports Swimwear

Those who are into water activities and water sports would regularly a set of high quality sports swimwear or sports bikini to wear for their practice or outdoor activity. Because of the physical demand of swimming, it is important that you choose high quality sportswear can deliver the reliability that you look for in a swimwear. High quality and branded swimwear can be expensive but this should not deter you from looking for reliable swimwear especially for the summer. Here are some tips to get high quality but cheaper sports swimwear.

Shop during off season

During summer, there is an increase of swimwear demand and in turn, the price of such commodities and swimming gear would increase. Manufacturers and sellers can afford increase their swimwear prices knowing that buyers would still buy the products. To get swimwear of excellent quality without going beyond your sports swimwear budget, shop for bikini and swimsuit during off-season because they are less in demand in the market. Buy sports bikini during winter or rainy season and when summer season is about to end to find end of season sale. You’d be surprised at the amount of money you can save by shopping during off season.

Search for deals and packages

You can also find high quality sportswearby looking for online deals. When you visit online shops for sports swimwear, check the promos and deals tab for discounted items. You can also look for clearance sale or end of season sale to find affordable items in the market. Another way to save money is by buying more items or in package especially if you are into water sports and would frequently wear sports bikini. Buying in bulk gives you automatic discount for the items. There are also online sellers that offer free shipping for customers who purchase more items from their shop.

Shop around

In order to find an excellent deal take some time to visit at least five online shops before you purchasesports swimwear no matter how tempting the deal might be. Buy from sellers with positive reputation.


How To Choose A Maker Of Bespoke Menswear In Bangkok

There are several tailors for bespoke menswear in Bangkok. All you have to do is check on the internet and you will find a number of tailors that offer high quality custom made suits. You can also refer to your local tailoring shops and you will easily find one where you can order the products. It may sound so easy but you need to order custom-made suits from a tailor that you can be sure will deliver your exact expectations. To find a reputable tailoring shop that will not waste your time and money, take a look at these tips.

A wide variety of options

It would be a half-baked customized product if you are offered with limited options. Look for a tailor shop that offers more than 2,500 fabrics for you to choose from along with designs that you can customize and change based on your preferences. Check from various sources for inspiration and for ideas on the latest trends. Aside from choice of fabrics, there are also the choice of buttons, cufflinks and other details.

More affordable customized suits

High quality and perfect fitting suits do not have to be expensive especially if you know how you can save money along the process of ordering. One way is to determine the average price of customized suits for bespoke menswear in Bangkok. Go for a shop that offers better quality suits without busting your savings. You can also save money if you will ensure that you have the right measurement if ever you are sending the measurements online.

Positive reputation

Lastly, choose a tailoring shop for bespoke menswear in Bangkok that has positive reputation among its customers. You can get this customer reviews from the official website of the tailoring shop in Bangkok or you can also refer to independent sites that offer reviews on service providers in different industries. You can also refer to discussion sites or forums online where customers share their experiences and ideas with different tailoring shops in Bangkok or in other areas in Thailand.

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Tips For Choosing Great Hair Extensions

Hair extensions may be the simplest ways to extend your hair length and volume easily. For first timers, picking the perfect hair extension can be very daunting. Here are some helpful tips to help you with your choice.

Human hair

When considering the best hair extensions, it is important to check if they are natural human hair or synthetic. Human hair is going to last longer, look natural and treated like one. It is not advisable to swim when you have synthetic hair extensions. Likewise, heat can’t be used too.



Remy hair extensions

Remy is the process of bundling hair in order to have the roots and ends in their proper direction. Hair extensions that are created from Remy are usually tangle free since the strands’ cuticles are not caught against one another. Remy hair is the healthiest hair, too.

Hair Colour Match

Not having the correct hair colour is a very common mistake for people getting extensions. The companies that do hair extensions have a wide array of different colours which makes it easier to get the correct shade. It also makes highlights and low-lights add tone and depth, without using additional treatments.



Hair extension care and maintenance

The highest quality of hair extensions don’t need too much extra care or maintenance in comparison to natural hair. In order to have a healthy hair, you should use top quality products, wear it up during night time and brush it frequently. You don’t need to change your usual hair care routine when you have hair extensions.



Safety of hair extensions

Your natural hair does not get damaged when you care and maintain it properly. When you remove your hair extensions, it usually takes 7 days for your natural hair density to be normal again.

I hope these tips help you with your hair extension choice. Finally, I suggest consulting a professional stylist for Hair Extensions in Bondi Junction. They should be able to provide consultation so you will know which methods are used. You can also discuss with them what you want to see as the final look, as well as get quotes.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying Wholesale Hair Extensions

Just like any type of purchases, buying wholesale hair extensions has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. If you want to weigh the pros and cons of buying wholesale hair extensions and related products, check out these ideas:


When buying wholesale, you get your needed products at a lower price compared to purchasing items individually. You can also negotiate from the wholesaler to lower the total price of your purchase, especially if you are a regular customer or a potential regular buyer. More often than not, wholesale buyers will get perks than those who purchase items at a lower quantity. For instance, delivery may be given by the wholesaler at a minimal cost or may be even given for free especially if the delivery point is within their area of operation. For regular buyers of wholesale hair extensions, they can be given freebies during special occasions such as anniversaries or New Year.

Another advantage of buying wholesale hair extensions is that, buyers are given more option by wholesalers compared to merely buying them from offline store or from distributors. Wholesalers also get what they need under one roof so shopping becomes a more hassle-free activity.


On the downside of wholesale purchasing, the trader would need extra storage space for the purchased items. However, this would not be an issue if the item being purchased is small in size such as hair extensions. Also, when buying wholesale products, you would need a higher amount for capital or bigger amount of money to produce for the purchase. Hair extensions can amount to a few hundreds of dollars to thousands of it and if you do not have a substantial amount of capital, you cannot possibly buy the products in bulk. Wholesalers also get the brunt of increasing fuel costs and this would be passed on traders and in return, traders will charge the extra amount from their customers.

All in all, buying wholesale hair extensions has its positive and negative aspects. You just have to weigh things to find out which mode of purchasing is most suitable to your budget and convenient.

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Things You Might Not Know About When Looking For The Perfect Engagement Ring

Proposing is already a nerve-wracking decision and let’s include in the fact that you have to choose the perfect ring to match the occasion. In order to pull this off, you might have done your research and ask anyone you know for advices but here are some things they will not tell you about when picking out the engagement ring:

  • After you have decided that you are going to propose, you find yourself listening more intently whenever your fiancée talks about jewelleries. This topic used to be something you skip off but it suddenly becomes interesting to you. Talking about jewelleries will give you an idea on what she likes and whether she prefers a certain style over something. Remark about her friend’s ring is also another hint of what she likes and does not like.
  • It does not matter how long you have been in a relationship but when time comes that you have to ask her parent’s permission, you will be in your most uncomfortable. Though it might sound like a challenge, it is important to do it to show respect and surely her parents will love you more because of it. They will also be able to give you advice about the ring you should get and this is the stage where you don’t have to keep a secret from them.
  • If you have friends who have been married before you, your first instinct will be to talk to them about it. It will be one of the biggest purchases you will ever do in your life so it is only right that you ask your friends for opinion. Friends who have been through an engagement are a great resource if you don’t know of any great jeweller in your area.

Upon seeing a diamond, you might be tempted to purchase instantly but it is better to shop around for engagement rings in Australia, compare prices and ask questions before making the final decision to make sure that you have the best and the one that you know your fiancée will love.

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Dressing Up For Halloween 2016

Halloween is no longer just for kids. Some adults dress in hilarious costumes and parade the streets on October 31st. This day has been a tradition but it is really a bit odd if you think about it.

Halloween folklore is a combination of Celtic, Pagan, Catholic and Roman traditions. It was thought to go back as early as the Iron Age which was around 800 to 600 BC when the Gauls and Celts ruled some parts of North France and Great Britain. In the Celtic calendar, October 31 is its last day. Halloween was a celebration before the coming of winter. They thought of winter as the one that brought death of nature and life.

Gaelic people called this holiday, Samhain. They believed in honoring the dead on their New Year’s. When Gaul (modern France) and Britain were invaded by the Romans, many Roman festivals got mixed with Samhain. An ancient Roman festival was held in November 1 celebrating harvest of apples.

All Saints’ Day, also called All Hallows or called Hallowmas, is celebrated on the 1st of November in the Roman Catholic Church. This is when saints and departed ones are honored. Traditions also included practices warding off the spirits and honoring the dead in the countries of Europe. British churches bought candles and held bonfires to ward off evil spirits. The tradition of trick or treating was started by the Irish. Halloween got to America in the mid 19th century from the Irish immigrants.

Today, Halloween influenced multiple countries around the world. For the French’s La Fete D’ Halloween, people collect candies by going to store after store. Mexico has strong Catholic influences, and Mexicans visit cemeteries in order to offer prayers and bless graves.

The wearing of costumes have also been associated with Halloween. It was traditionally based on scary folklore beings. By the 1930s, people were dressing up in Movie Costumes. It was not only until the mid 20th century when adults have worn costumes too as these were previously worn mostly by kids.

The evolution from the usual scary costumes to the cute Halloween costumes.


A Simple Guide To The World Of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors, may not be the first thing that most couples would think about on their wedding, but they shouldn’t be neglected either. Unfortunately, wedding favors are not given much attention but you should remember that although you are sharing memories on your wedding day, these favors are the ones that guests would take home to remind them of these beautiful memories.

Of course, if you are getting married, then you are probably wondering why you need to give out wedding favor boxes to your guests. How did this tradition started? Why do I need to hand out wedding favors? Well, you should know that there is actually a bit of history behind this tradition.

It has been hundreds of years since people started giving out favors on their wedding. This tradition mostly began in Europe, particularly within the aristocracy of Italy and France. The wedded couple would basically hand out special tokens or favors to their guests in the form of bonbonnierres, or small boxes made out of metal, porcelain, stones or even crystal. Inside you would find an assortment of confections for the guest to enjoy once he is home. The belief back then was when you hand out favors, you are also sharing them luck since weddings are deemed to be a time of fortune.

In this time and age, wedding favors have become a strong part of the wedding and not giving out favors would seem inappropriate. Favors are a way of showing your appreciation to your guests who have shared this wonderful day with you. There are couples who want their guests to remember their wedding day that is why they make their favors even more special.

Choosing your favors, however, can be quite a difficult task. There are important things that you would have to consider. A good research can always help you big time. Know that when you are looking for favors, you can actually choose between many different types of favors such as Traditional, Ethnic, Homemade, or even Themed flavors. You can pick out favors that are not edible as well, something that guests can keep and treasure forever.

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The Contrast of Modern and Ancient Culture In Bangkok

It was my first time to travel to Bangkok, Thailand in Southeast Asia and I was surprised to find it teeming with tourists both local and foreigners. There are tourists in every corner and they are obviously delighted with the city that is a mixture of modernity and ancient culture. There are luxury malls and high end hotels everywhere but you can’t help but notice the ancient temples in their majestic glory.

I arrived in Bangkok through the Suvarnabhumi Airport that has all the facilities expected from a major airport. There are ATM machines, money exchangers, taxis for hire, duty-free shops and restaurants. I can’t help but wonder whether this is really an airport or a giant mall. Currency exchange was quite abundant but I was advised to exchange my dollars to baht when I reach the city to gain a much better rate.

Although taxis seemed to be reasonably priced, I chose the Airport Rail Link which was the fastest way to reach the city. I will be able to avoid the horrendous rush hour traffic for which Bangkok is known for. I have friends waiting for me and I have to see them quickly before I get lost in this busy Asian city.

I have some friends in Bangkok whom I met online and they promised to show me the city whenever I got there. True to their word, my Bangkok friends guided me through a tour to Bangkok. They took me to a really very nice market where there were lots of street foods. We bought many spices and one of my friends cooked this original Thai meal for 12 persons.

It is not difficult being a tourist in Bangkok because there were signs written in English language obviously for the benefit of tourists who do not understand Thai. There is life in the waters because ordinary people lived on bamboo rafts with floating vendors selling all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Life for the ordinary Thai is in contrast to the obvious extravagance of the city. The ancient also blends with the modern and surprisingly it works. There is so much to see and experience but before I leave I would be visiting one of those beautiful Buddhist temples.