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UN Valentine’s Day Image Gets Removed After Criticism

Illustrations are very good at sending a message and communicating an idea, so illustrators like Rabinky Art need to consider the fact that their illustrations might cause some backlash.

UN Women forgot about that and ended up having to take down one of its illustrations from social media, as people thought that said image was perpetuating racial stereotypes.

The illustration, showing a black woman hugging herself placed alongside couples of different orientations, was posted by the organization on Twitter as their way of celebrating diversity in love for Valentine’s Day.

UN Women took the image down as a result of all the backlash, but not before users on social media managed to make copies of the graphic. Critics say that it was perpetuating a dangerous stereotype that says black women aren’t worthy of being loved.

The organization responded to the backlash after taking down the graphic and putting a new one up, saying that they posted the illustration on Valentine’s, with the aim of showing love in all its diversity. UN Women says that they listened to the users and their comments, and decided to take the original down and replace it.

The organization stated that its aim is to ensure gender equality and empowerment for all women and girls across the world, regardless of their age, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

The response from UN Women got 400 likes, but a lot of the responses say that the damage from the original illustration has yet to be undone.

People say that the fact that the original illustration showed the black woman hugging herself says a lot, perpetuating a racial stereotype and that the organization needs help if they managed to miss that.

Some users say that an argument can be made that it showed an asexual black woman, but the fact that black women have been subjected to the stereotype of being ‘too strong’, unlovable, and undesirable, means that the image would’ve been perceived badly, something that an illustrator like Rabinky Art would know.

However, the image isn’t without its supporters, with people saying that the illustration shows the importance of loving one’s self.

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Why Businesses Should Invest In New Technologies

Many businesses invest in new technologies that can protect their system and data. If you are considering doing the same, here are some advantages that you can expect.

  • Office technologies are fast and efficient. When a new technology management is created, it is almost always for the purpose of speeding up workflow processes. Through this, your employees will be able to focus better on their job. A lot of businesses believe that they can surpass their competitors when they respond to data, keep up with the changes, and ensure that they are doing the right decisions through new technology and analytics.
  • Investing in office technology means you will have a wider storage and sharing. If you are a business owner, you have to know that time is important. Thus, you have to make sure that your employees will not waste a minute in searching for files and documents. According to studies, almost 20% of the week at work is only wasted just by looking for information, which is indeed inefficient in making business money. When you use technology that can simplify your information storage and sharing, rest assured that the efficiency can help your business. It, too, is also good for security. Take note that outdated technology is a threat to the confidential information of your company. It can also result in an expensive data breach.
  • Another benefit that you can expect from new technology is that your company can automate functions that previously need manpower. This includes tasks such as data entry and analytics. Bookkeeping and contact management can also be automated. This means that your business will be able to work efficiently as you prevent human error.
  • Giving importance to technology management will also improve communication. Typewriters and other old devices were replaced with high technology in order to make communication faster and more efficient. Companies and innovators want to make sure that communication will accelerate. So if you are a business, it will be helpful to invest in new systems to simplify your communication, either internal or external. Rest assured your clients will always be in the loop.

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Why Consumers Prefer Online Reviews To Advertisements

Online marketing reviews posted on popular review sites are dominating search engine results. This phenomenon makes businesses wonder whether online reviews are a better solution to attract customers instead of advertising campaigns. Honest and credible online reviews are similar to personal recommendations from family and friends that consumers listen to.

Before a business focuses on reviews, it is important to build a good online reputation first. The better the reputation the more conviction the business will have when it opts to advertise. Reviews from customers are free and by building the reputation, a business benefits from the opinions of customers.

Most people trust reviews more than advertising. Each review that a business receives encourages consumers to experience the amazing product or service offered. Reviews are like the recommendations made by the trusted next-door neighbour.

Results of local search engines affect the number of reviews that a business receives. Once Google sees the activity on the web pages, it will rank the business higher in search results. In order for Google to recognize that there is online activity, businesses must make an effort to respond to reviews. Customers engage with the business through their feedback and they will appreciate the business more when they receive a response. Ads cannot generate the same benefits as customer reviews.

Based on studies, 82% of American adults read online customer reviews and ratings before they make a purchasing decision. Reviews provide information to consumers on the quality, customer service and prices of products and services. Customers already know what to expect even before they access the business.

It makes sense for a business to strive for positive customer feedback; however, negative reviews provide the business with an opportunity to improve. By responding to negative reviews, it means that the business is striving to deliver the best solutions to offer consumers with a satisfactory experience.

Nowadays, people tend to ignore advertisements because they prefer to read reviews that are honest and truthful. If you will read review you will notice that the digital agency has forged a deeper relationship with its employees. By responding to both positive and negative reviews, the digital agency builds loyalty and trust.

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Why Is There A Need To Wear Retainers After Braces?

Orthodontists recommend braces to straighten the teeth and Harrisburg retainers to keep the teeth in their proper place after the braces have been removed. However, the benefits of wearing retainers go beyond holding straight teeth in place; retainers can help solve speech and breathing problems. Retainers help in adjusting tongue placements so that the child can form sounds correctly.

Retainers can either be fixed or removable. Patients who used Invisalign aligners usually have a retainer that can be removed. The dental appliance looks similar to the clear aligners. Another type of retainer is the lingual wire which is a thin wire that is bonded to the backside of the front teeth. The lingual wire is often placed on the lower teeth but it also possible to attach on the upper teeth. The lingual wire can only be removed by the orthodontist.

Plastic retainers are made from rigid material that makes sure that the teeth won’t shift around. Plastic retainers will ensure that that the teeth will be aligned. However, it is easy to lose the plastic aligners because they are clear. Make it a habit to keep the retainer safely inside a colored case so that it won’t be misplaced or overlooked.

One of the more common questions is how long the retainer has to be used. There is no specific time for a patient to wear a retainer because it depends on individual circumstances. Most people are required to wear a retainer regularly for 6 months after the completion of orthodontic treatment. After 6 months, the retainer can be used only when sleeping. Since lingual wire retainers are more or less permanent, they are worn always.

Retainers cost less than the braces. In some instances, the cost of clear retainers is part of the original orthodontic treatment fee. If you lose the retainer, make sure to notify the orthodontist immediately because failure to wear the dental appliance might compromise the effectiveness of the orthodontic treatment.

The orthodontist will help you decide on the proper Harrisburg retainers for your specific circumstances. If there is a tendency to lose or overlook clear plastic retainers, the orthodontist may suggest the non-removable lingual wire.

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How Dental Clinics Make Patients More Relaxed And Comfortable

The mere thought of going to the dentist makes people anxious and apprehensive. Dental clinics mean painful procedures while sitting under a bright blinding light. The idea of dentist’s tools inside the mouth makes patients uncomfortable. However, Affordable Dental Solutions Reading makes sure that patients gain a good experience by using state-of-the-art technologies.

If you have a dental appointment, do not postpone it because regular dental visits are crucial to your oral health. If there are dental problems like tooth decay, the dentist can detect them in the early stages and provide the right treatment to maintain the beautiful smile.

Technological innovations in the dental industry have improved existing procedures so that patients will be more at ease and comfortable. Dental clinics are designed to make patients relaxed while waiting for their turn. There are TV’s and music to entertain patients instead of framed pictures of dental procedures on the walls.

Dental records are kept at the dental clinic so that the dentist can review them at any time for the patient’s medical and dental history. Instead of hardcopies, dental clinics have electronic copies that allow them easy access to dental records. Electronic copies make the diagnosis more precise and accurate.

Traditionally, dentists would use loupes or specialized magnifying glasses to probe the mouth. When the dental loupe is combined with new LED lamps, the dentist gains outstanding illumination and they do not have to hunch over the patient. LED lights have small batteries that can operate for a full day.

Laser dentistry makes procedures less painful for a patient. It also reduces the time for recovery and healing. Lasers are often used for gum re-contouring and periodontal treatments. Laser is less invasive so that dentists can undertake procedures without sutures and bleeding. People who dread the dentist are now more comfortable to undergo dental procedures.

There are patients who do not fear dental procedures; they are more concerned with the price of the dental treatment. This is the reason why Affordable Dental Solutions Reading makes the effort to keep its prices low so that all patients can gain the benefits of good oral health.

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The Story Behind Bird’s Eye View Maps

Pictorial maps that are also known as bird’s eye view city map or map illustrations were popular in the United States from the 1920’s to 60’s These maps showed how vibrant the American culture was during those days. The pictorial maps were usually used to convince people to buy something like a tropical vacation, a version of the American dream or a bottle of bourbon.

Companies used bird’s eye view maps on posters and brochures for advertising. Others were commissioned by state tourism boards and local chambers of commerce to attract visitors and businesses to the city. No matter how the map is used, it always sparks an interest on far-off places and people.

Some of the bird’s eye view maps are geographically correct but most of them cannot be used by a geography student because they are not drawn according to strict scale. It is common for pictorial maps to sacrifice geography for the sake of simplicity or emphasize a point of view.

A certain kind of playfulness is typical in bird’s eye view maps for the sake of fun. The maps reflect pride in the community and the usual cheerful optimism of the American people, which is quite appealing. While pictorial maps are unsuitable for a geography student, many collect them because they reflect a city during a certain period of time.

According to Stephen Hornsby, a professor of geography at the University of Maine and author of the new book “Picturing America: The Golden Age of Pictorial Maps”, pictorial maps told the story of United States and how it emerged as a world power. The economy of the United States was revving and companies have lots of money to spend on advertising. Hand-drawn maps were lavishly illustrated with drawings to invite people to visit certain places like Elvis’ Graceland.

There is always a story behind every bird’s eye view city map from locations to landmarks that were lost due to property development. Maps show the differences between the city today and how it looked decades ago. This is the reason why bird’s eye view maps are not only used as marketing tools; they are subjects of many collections.

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Achieve An Appealing Smile Through Invisalign Aligners

Traditional metal braces are popular among kids and teenagers while Invisalign in Reading is a more popular choice among adults. Most adults are not fond of the metal braces because it reveals to the public that they are straightening the teeth and trying to achieve an appealing smile. Invisible aligners allow them to keep the dental appliance a secret from their colleagues.

Many parents opt for metal braces for their children because they are familiar with the appliance after growing up with them. However, there are various metal variants available and parents have to research to understand what each material is capable of doing.

On the other hand, clear aligners may take some convincing because the benefits gained are sometimes too good to be true. In many instances, the economic considerations play a key role in deciding between metal braces and clear aligners.

Adults usually know what they want and they have the financial means to pursue the option they prefer. They tend to choose the clear aligners because they work like metal braces but in an unnoticeable manner. They match the color of the teeth and align the teeth more efficiently.

However, there are some cases when the clear aligners lost their ability to blend with the patient’s teeth due to their lifestyle. Initially, the clear aligners will match the color of the teeth but habits can make the appliance standout over time. Mismatch in color can result from smoking, drinking coffee and eating foods with curry.

A patient needs to consult with an orthodontist or dentist for dental treatment. The orthodontist will make an impression of the teeth and scan it on a computer to design the customized appliances. Follow up checkups will ensure that the aligners maintain its grip to achieve the best possible results. The aligners must also be used according to the instructions of the orthodontist.

Affordable Invisalign in Reading is available for patients who want to straighten their teeth. The good thing with aligners is you can eat anything during the course of treatment. Brushing and flossing, eating and drinking will not be a challenge because the clear aligners can be removed.

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Corvette Debuts New Racing Model With New Engine And Livery

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How To Knit An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas days are wonderful and colorful. From December every one of us will be busy in cleaning and renovating our homes, decorating the Christmas tree and shopping for decorations and clothes.

Many of us prefer to do something special for our family members. Just like making cookies, cakes, various deserts, knitting sweaters etc. Some people also spend time in creating gifts. One such special gift could be stitching an Ugly Christmas Sweater.  It takes time but gives immense pleasure when our loved ones wear it. For this you need to know about basics of knitting sweaters.

Knitting an Ugly Christmas Sweater is a tedious process. These sweaters have long and round neck, full sleeves and body fit. So you need to be careful in deciding the design and patterns. Before you start knitting it is recommended to take proper measurements of the wearer.

Few Tips to Stitch an Ugly Christmas Sweater

  • While stitching the neck
    • Start by creating a mark at the beginning of the round.
    • Without twisting the knitting join the round
    • While stitching neck you should combine various methods like 2×2 ribbing, crew neck stitching, mock turtle and turtle methods
    • For every 2 to 3 rounds you need to change the style of knitting.
  • While stitching shoulders you should decide the wideness you need before completing two rounds of back and forth stitching
  • After finishing of wideness divide the sleeves based on colors you want to use.
  • Maintain the same proportions for the second sleeve.
  • Keep marking the positions so that you can remember movement
  • The body parts is as usual. How we do in old traditional methods the same methods need to be employed.
  • Change colors according to the requirement
  • You can also stitch few ornaments and accessories on the sweater
  • Decide the color patterns before starting the process
  • Create a rough design for checking how the design and colors go together
  • Knitting an Ugly Christmas sweater takes a long time, have patience.

If you love knitting, making an ugly Christmas sweater for your loved ones is the most enjoyable task. The happiness when your children or grandchildren wear the sweater is unmatchable.

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Say Cheese! Advertising In Your Trucking Business

A business establishment cannot survive without its customers. If taxes are the lifeblood of the government, customers act as the same for businesses. Thus, aside from renting a place, hiring competent staff, and purchasing equipment, business owners also have to think about advertising. Instead of viewing it as an unnecessary cost, it is vital for a firm’s survival. For a trucking company, proper marketing is a must.

Why Advertise?

Unlike words, photographs help get the message across more effectively. Moreover, it helps make the company stand out. Colourful and vibrant pictures make a statement and grab more attention compared to chunks of text. Especially in this digital age where everybody is always on the go, displaying one’s content through photos and graphics means readers are more likely to see and read it.

Furthermore, pictures are easier to share and spread. Users of social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will more likely appreciate visual aids. Photos also condition the people to associate the brand with that particular picture. Thus, it makes your brand easier to recall and remember.

For a trucking company, advertising gives your firm an edge. Unlike other industries, the trucking business usually does not really rely on advertisement. However, this does not mean that this is a bad idea. Advertising your trucking firm can set it apart from others, thus, bringing in more customers, most especially younger clients. Moreover, advertising your company means you are bringing something new to the table. It gives you a chance to showcase the brand of services you are offering. This also helps customers manage their expectations of your company. Ads list what you offer and what they can expect.

As seen in the picture above, this poster promotes the company in a creative and eye-catching way. Although the design is simple, it effectively conveys its message across. As seen, it gives a brief description of the company as well as contact details. This is more effective compared to ads just filled with chunks of text.

Well, then. How do I start?

If you want to start your advertising, start by thinking about the content you would like to display. For example, an ad regarding road safety and procedures would entail a company that cares about their driver’s safety. An example would be the photo below.

Another thing to remember is to always, always, always place your brand, logo, company colours, etc. on any visual your company produces. If possible, style them in a certain way. This would help customers identify and recall your company quickly.

Lastly, have a regular posting schedule and post similar topics. Constant schedules and subjects would let people know what to expect. Knowing what to expect would bolster customer patronage and loyalty.

These are all things you need to consider for your trucking business. Remember, no matter how good your service or how advanced your technology is, your trucking company cannot ever flourish without the right advertising.  

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The Rights Of Customers Moving House

If you’re looking to move house in Australia, like many other Aussies, chances are you’re looking for Pro Removals in Sydney or someone as good as them; someone to carry your precious things to your new place, someone you can trust not to break, lose, or, more cynically, steal your belongings.

Consumer Affairs Victoria gets a few hundred contracts annually about removalists, so they decided to spend some time to put together some helpful advice about making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

CA Victoria notes that, under Australian Consumer Law, all furniture removal companies, Pro Removals in Sydney included, are obligated to provide due care and skill, fit for any specified purpose, within the specific time set, or within a reasonable time frame, should the latter not be made.

They advise consumers to:

Do homework

Studying moving companies is a must, as making informed decisions about who’s going to move your stuff will ensure that things go smoothly. Go online, look up the company, find out what people are saying about them, and see what their history is. If family and friends have brushed up with removalists, don’t forget to ask them for info.

Go for accreditation

Industry bodies have standards, as well as examinations and thorough processing to ensure that any company that holds their accreditation, and their name, by extension, are reliable. As such, removalists accredited by industry bodies like the Australian Furniture Removers Association are better options, as they tend to be more reliable.

Read the fine print

Contracts need to be clear, with well-defined terms. You should also remember that you are, in no way, required to sign a contract, so if the contract’s lacking details, or have terms you don’t feel comfortable with, you don’t have to pick that company. Remember to ask whatever questions you have in mind, related to the contract and the company itself. If they don’t answer, or try to deflect, then that’s just another reason to find another moving company.

Make sure they’re insured

A good removalist company will make sure to do everything necessary so that insurance isn’t needed. A good company will have them anyway. The kicker is that this might not necessarily cover you or your things, so it’s a good idea to record everything in the move and have insurance, either from an authorised removalist, or from a third-party source.


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The Advantages Of Outdoor Team Building Activities

128All corporations and organizations have groups, from the leaders to the members which build the whole structure of an organization. We see the members as the employees and the leaders of the different departments are the management teams. This standard structure comprises the company’s backbone.

Like the human backbone, this corporate organization must be nurtured to keep the stability of the company, otherwise, the corporate structure will be weakened and eventually will break down making the company unable to accomplish its vision. To keep this from happening, the company can organize outdoor team building activities to promote the essence of group unity thereby achieving the common goal of the company.

Team Building Advantages

Activities that emphasize on the development of the group can enhance employees’ skills to collaborate with their teammates. Similarly, outdoor team building activities can develop deeper trust among employees and rely on each other’s capabilities.

Here are the advantages of conducting outdoor team building activities for the employees:

  1. Increased productivity

The main objective of team building activities is to enhance the group’s total productivity. Each group member will develop an awareness of teamwork which allows the whole group to efficiently perform its task. Team building helps groups establish guidelines to enhance performance and productivity.


  1. Development of problem-solving skills

Team building activities help promote skills in problem-solving and critical thinking. The problems that challenge the groups that are integrated into the games, questions, situations, and events enhance each member’s skills which they can apply in performing their tasks. This, in turn, provides the organization with a strong and highly-efficient workforce.


  1. Improved motivation of the team

The activities in team building also enhance the groups’ overall motivation. This happens when the group accomplishes the challenges given to them in each activity. When each member develops trust with each other, their individual motivation is boosted because each of them feels more comfortable working with each other.


  1. Enhanced creativity

Many outdoor activities put participants in a new setting which is away from the stressful environment. The limited resources given to them in every activity will activate their sense of creativity that will, in turn, make them more productive in their jobs.

The benefits the company gets from mounting a team building activity with the employees are worth the money and time spent by the management. The return is worth all the effort.