Tips In Choosing A Motorcycle

When it comes to alternative to a four-wheel vehicle, the next best thing is either a scooter or a motorcycle. There are many different motorcycle models nowadays. The same goes for scooters such as Vespa scooters which is one of the most well-known models internationally. These two-wheeled vehicles are more economical to use and they can access almost any road.

There are also limitations to two-wheeled vehicles such as the number of passengers that can ride at once, the size of cargo that can be carried and it is more exposed to harsh weather conditions. This is why there are a number of things that should be considered before purchasing.

The first thing is to decide between a motorcycle and a scooter. There are many reasons why some go with a scooter – the seating position is more natural, the riders are not straddling with the engine, there is a floor for the fee to rest and there are no shifting gears to worry about. Drivers with experience in riding a stick shift can easily adapt with a motorcycle.

The secondary factors that one should consider include the style and the model. Make sure that you are able to handle the size of the bike that you choose. You must make sure that both your feet can reach the ground while the vehicle is on idle mode. First time riders should avoid choosing bikes with high power because it might be too much for them to handle.

For beginners, it is recommended to choose an engine between 250 and 500 cc. Riders with larger body size might gear towards models with higher capacity as it is more comfortable for them to handle.  Prior to purchasing your scooter or motorcycle, make sure that you have an appropriate and safe place for parking. A garage is the ideal choice but two-wheeled vehicles can also be parked outdoors as long as it is covered and secured from theft.

Lastly, secure you license prior to using your new bike. For scooters that are below 50 cc, a license might not be required depending on where you live. Other models such as Vespa scooters require a license as these are categorized as high-end models.


Five Essentials Riding Gear For Bikers

Riding a motorcycle is risky. Using proper safety gear and riding accessories will help the riders to enjoy the rides without compromising on their safety. Most of the bike riders do not invest in the right accessories like helmets, riding jackets, gloves, boots etc. they find it a challenging task to shop for riding accessories.

The best place to shop for riding gear is the motorcycle dealership where you buy your bike. Most of the dealerships also deal with riding gear and offer the best motorcycle clothing and protective gear. Here are five must-have riding accessories.

Reflective riding gear

Motorcycle riders should invest in high quality reflective riding gear. The reflective gear makes it easy for the other motorists to notice the biker and prevents accidents. The jackets and other equipment should be highly reflective in order to protect the bikers in conditions of low visibility.

Airbag jacket for motorcycles

These jackets work the same way as airbag works in a car. The airbag jackets protect the most vulnerable body parts of the biker from impact. Bikers can also buy an airbag vest, which can be worn under the riding jacket to provide a layer of extra protection.


Helmet is the most important protective and safety gear. It protects the head of the biker from the impact of an accident. Riders should select helmets depending on the riding style and the size of their head. The full-face helmets are the safest helmets that are suitable for all types of riding.

Comfortable jackets and pants

Riding jackets are functional riding gear apart from being style symbols. Jackets are available in many materials like, textile, leather and mesh. Riders have to choose the right material and model depending upon the riding requirement. While lightweight crossover jackets are ideal for everyday riding in the city, thick leather jackets are ideal for long distance touring.


Boots art an important riding gear. Boots protect the ankles and feet of the rider and also provide support while riding. Riders should buy a pair of well-fitting riding boots that have anti-slip soles for maximum comfort and protection. All the reputed motorcycle dealerships that stock best motorcycle clothing have a wide collection of riding boots.

Bike Business Service Tips

Choosing Your Honda Bikes For The First Time

Finally, you have your motorcycle licence! It’s a great privilege to be able to ride a motorbike on the busy streets of London, and so the adventure goes. If this is your first time to ride the bike, you must have researched about it really hard just to find something that suits your needs. There are many Honda bikes available for sale, you just need to choose those that match your preference and needs. You need to find a bike that suits your comfort zone, especially while riding it.

Generally, the most important thing if you’re a beginner is to be able to touch the ground on both feet while straddling the motorbike. So, if you’re a lady or a first-time biker, you need to find comfortable motorcycles that can make you reach the ground. When it stops, you need to comfortably support the bike with your feet. Besides, you also need to manoeuvre it at slow speeds.

The best approach is to find dealerships that offer Honda bikes and sit on a number of motorcycles just to check how they fit you. As you have no idea on what to get, you’re uncertain whether you prefer a sportbike or a cruiser, for example. You just want to sit on the bike and see how the ergonomics work for you. You’ll also feel that if you have chosen your bike, this is something that you really need.

When choosing Honda bikes, you need to consider the reality while riding on it. You must know which roads to take and how much time spent while driving it. Never consider the concept of joyriding as it can only do you harm. Of course, you may do so, but drive safely and moderately. You need to be practical with your decisions, especially that motorbikes can be dangerous.

Before you finally decide on the bike of your choice, read reviews online and in magazines to have an idea on how it goes.  You may even want to get suggestions from the dealership. If they have a rider’s club, then become a member so that you can get insights from other riders.


Useful Tips Before You Buy A Motorcycle

There are people who love speed and freedom so that the most obvious choice when it comes to transport is the two-wheeled machine or motorcycle. However, people differ with their preferences. Some will make effort to search for Suzuki dealers in the UK because of the preference for the Japanese brand. Others may opt for Italian –produced motorcycles because they love its design.

Technology has revolutionized the world of motorcycles in terms of high speeds. Many people certainly love speed as well as freedom which are apparent with the way they care for their two-wheeled vehicles. Unlike cars, reliability and handling are very important when it comes to riding motorcycles; otherwise, they can be dangerous.

In terms of the way they look, motorcycles are not left behind particularly the new models of superbikes. Modern designs are consistently being produced by motorcycle manufacturers to gain the attention of riders. However, many of the modern motorcycles that were recently introduced to the market are vicious when it comes to speed. They appear to be unstoppable in the highways although there are instances when their looks are deceiving. They only have improved looks with average performance.

However, it is common for people to choose motorcycles based on their looks and not speed. No matter the preferences, it remains important for people to know about motorcycles before they make a purchasing decision. There are motorcycles that are best suited for a target market which is dominated by people between the ages 18 and 35.

The new Suzuki V-Strom has the looks but it is also tough enough to withstand off-roading, cruising and adventure. Suzuki has earned a good reputation in the motorcycle industry for producing some of best motorbikes in the world. One of the motorcycles that have gained popularity all over the world is the DL 1000 that is ideal for long distance jaunts.

If you want a comfortable bike that can manage a speed of 112mph, visit Suzuki dealers in the UK because they have the motorbike that is perfect for your requirements. Fully trained Suzuki technicians are available to answer all your questions.

Bike Business Service Tips

Words from Airport Shuttle Drivers

People who go through a lot of airports see them all the time; airport shuttle drivers. They handle airport transfers, making sure that people who want to get to and from the airport with as little fuss as possible.

They’re people with their own stories too, and some of us are curious about them. Thankfully, some airport shuttle drivers like having a passenger who asks them questions about their lives, so they’re happy to give answers, and one of them was happy to answer for an article.

How much do they get paid?

Usually, the people that handle airport transfers only get paid minimum wage, but they can, however, earn tips from passengers. The sad thing is, according to the driver, is that many people like him don’t receive any tips. While they say that’s understandable for drivers that make little effort to help, some do what they can to make travelers feel comfortable. The interviewed driver explains that while they do less work than the bellman, they also have less chances to help travelers and are equally reliant on tips.

Do travelers like to speak with drivers?

Yes, the driver says, some do. They add that, having spent so much time around such people, they can immediately identify who’s the conversational type. Drivers, they explain, are accustomed to it, and understand; everyone has a story, everyone’s been through something. Though they do say that they prefer it that passengers talk to them; seeing it as a chance to meet new people, interact with a stranger and make them smile.

Are certain travelers nicer to the driver than most?

The driver interviewed says that it varies. Families, they say, are always appreciative for help since they’ve got a lot on their plate. Airline crew are polite, and tip well, they add, though they do sometimes get marked as cheap tippers. The driver says that drivers like them and airline crew see each other repeatedly thanks to airport transfers, giving them a certain friendship that’s uncommon in either profession.

Why are there a lot of older shuttle drivers?

They say there are two reasons. The obvious one being; they need the money, either because their pensions are gone or they had some issues with money. Others, however, do it for a more social reason. The interviewee says that being a shuttle driver allow them to meet a variety of people unmatched in most jobs for the older people.


Useful Tips For The Female Rider Who Is Choosing Her First Bike

It is typical for those who got their motorcycle license to proceed immediately to dealers offering Honda motorcycles for sale in the hope that they will find one that suits them best. However, choosing the first motorcycle involves time and research to obtain the best one that will keep up with the comfort zone and match with the riding style.

For female riders who are looking for their first motorcycle, it is important for both feet to be able to touch the ground while straddling the motorcycle. This will ensure that you are able to support the motorcycle when it is stopped, to be able to back out from parking spaces and to manoeuvre it properly at slow speed.

A female who is on the shorter side must always consider seat height. Some bikes have taller and narrow seats to compensate for a higher saddle. The best approach to be able to find what suits the height best is to sit on different motorcycles and determine the ergonomics that works for you. Sit on the bike and then place the hands on the handlebar. Try to reach the controls and get the feet up on the footboard. You should be able to reach and pull the clutch and brake levers pretty easily. Is the seat comfortable enough if you ride long distance?

Before you decide, consider the roads that you will be travelling with the bike and how much time you will spend on the saddle. It can be tempting to fall into the fantasy that a bike that can be used everywhere. Enthusiasm can be fun but it may lead to wrong decisions.

Generally, sport bikes have aggressive ergonomics while cruisers have more relaxed ergonomics. Talk to other riders about their experiences to determine which bikes are the most versatile for your height and life style.

There are plenty of Honda motorcycles for sale from the beginner- friendly to the sporty single-cylinder that has more horsepower but higher seats. There are motorcycles that are truly transportation bargains and will ensure lots of riding fun. There are bikes that are powerful enough for highway speeds with enough acceleration to deal with traffic.


Polaris To Increase Production In Poland To Avoid Retaliatory Tariffs

Moto Guzzi motorcycles are known for their air-cooled 90-degree V-twin engines that have a longitudinal crankshaft orientation. The engines traverse cylinder heads prominently project on either side of the motorcycle. If you are looking for this brand of motorcycle, there is Moto Guzzi California for sale in the UK including a variety of demonstrator bikes.

Last month, Polaris Industries, maker of the Indian motorcycle brand said that it is considering plans to increase production in Poland to deal with the EU retaliatory tariffs to Presidents Trump’s tariff on imported steel and aluminium. However, Polaris has assured the United States that their move will not affect jobs at their US plants, however; they cannot ignore the negative consequences to employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders.

According to Polaris CEO Scott Wine, increased production in Opole, Poland for the coming year was already planned for quite some time but an additional benefit is the avoidance of tariff. The company also said that their 2nd quarter earnings were better than expected.

Last month, US motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson announced that it will move production of motorcycles that are sold in Europe from their US factories to overseas facilities because of the retaliatory tariffs imposed by EU on US motorcycles. In his tweet, President Trump said that if Harley Davidson will proceed with the plan, it will be the beginning of the end as they will be taxed like never before.

Meanwhile Polaris Industries said that the production of the Indian brand for the US market will continue in the Iowa Spirit Lake plant where 500 people are employed. Polaris also has plants in different states where snow mobiles and off-road utility vehicles are made. Meanwhile, the trade war is expected to cost Polaris $40 million this year. Costs are also expected to increase significantly next year if the trade war continues or escalates.

Meanwhile, the motorcycle is still the best option when travelling on busy highways heading to the city because they can efficiently avoid traffic. Driving in big cities can really tax your patience so that your best choice is Moto Guzzi California for sale in the UK from authorized dealers.

Bike Tech Tips

A Buyer’s Guide For Used Honda Motorcycles

Buying used or second hand Honda motorcycles can be tricky especially that you do not know exactly how its former owner used the bike. Because of its risk, it would be best to purchase a used bike from a reliable seller and at the same time, ask for money back guarantee and warranty to ensure that your money is protected. Also, if you must buy online, find out where the dealer’s offline shop is so you can personally check the condition of the bike that you intend to purchase. It would also be better if you can ask for a test ride to determine the bike’s manageability on the road. Aside from that, here are some important aspects to check on a used bike.

Check the tire condition

It is only normal for used bikes to have signs of wear on its tires. However, the wear should be even and should not be prominent on a certain side. Turn the tires fully to check their overall condition.

Check the bike’s frame

If you want to know exactly the overall condition of used Honda motorcycles, take a look at its frame. Avoid buying a motorbike with dents on its frame because there is a big chance that there are damages in its other parts. Find out if the frame has been recently painted because if it is, it could mean that it got into an accident and there could be damages somewhere.

Examine the chain

The chain is susceptible to rusting or corrosion. Before making a purchase, find out if the bike’s chain has any signs of corrosion. Move the chain backwards and forward. It should not be slack or too tight and it should be able to turn with ease.

Test the electronics

One of the important aspects to check on the used Honda motorcycles is its electronics. Repair and replacement of electronics can be expensive so make sure that the bike’s essential electronics such as its signals, lights and other electronics are in excellent condition. Test the electronics before making a purchase to avoid spending for its replacement in the future.